Kali Little Garden Seafood Restaurant @ Pandamaran Jaya, Klang

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The number of times I have been to Klang can be counted on one hand so it is pretty much an unknown territory to me. But last weekend I had the pleasure of dining at a seafood restaurant in Pandamaran (finally something other than Bak Kut Teh) with a few friends and I could say we pretty much went all out with the food.
The restaurant’s name is Kali Little Garden Seafood and despite its little presence on the Internet, it is very popular with the locals. And like the name implies, you are indeed dining at a garden in front of a house, which I believe belongs to the boss.


Since the restaurant’s operation is a family affair, some of the dishes have limited quantities. So to avoid any disappointments, do reserve ahead especially if you are ordering the crabs and clams. The Baked Crab @ RM61/kg was the star dish of the night and each of us had a whole crab (~500-600g) to ourselves.


I am pretty sure these are not the biggest crab you can find in a town blessed with abundance of seafood. But still they are decent size, fresh and packed enough flesh to satisfy our cravings. One thing about the seasoning, though, it was high in sodium. So if you licked the shells clean you would probably feel very thirsty afterwards.


Superior Clam Soup (Xiong Tong Lala) @ RM20. The clams used were properly purged of their sand and tasted fresh while the soup was prepared with generous slices of ginger and a big dose of Chinese wine. It smelled wonderfully aromatic and was simply delicious with a fairly strong level of spiciness. A big thumbs up for being one of the best Superior Clam Soup I ever had.


Salted White Prawns @ RM76/kg. This huge platter had a mix of medium sized to XXL sized prawns, all sea-fresh with a scrumptious crunch.


Even though I do not really fancy Teochew Steamed Fish, I have to say this was quite awesome. We chose the Red Snapper which is probably the cheapest sea fish available here @ RM58. The soup was appetizing and had a lovely flavor, somewhat light but just sour enough to perk you up.


It might now wow you since it is a typical household dish, but I thought Kali’s rendition of Ginger Chicken (RM20) is worth a try. By default, both chicken meat and gizzards will be included. So if gizzards are not your thing, do let them know while ordering.


Another meat we had was the Fried Three Layered Pork @ RM 30. Unfortunately, it tasted a bit off that day because the skin was not as crispy as it should had been and the meat was dry. A real pity because the idea of marinating the pork belly with five spice powder then frying it is good, just poorly executed.



If you haven’t been to the restaurant before, looking for it will be tricky because the signboard is ‘conveniently’ being blocked by a Chinese temple and another seafood restaurant next to it (see sign pointing to the restaurant’s location above). So the easiest way would be to follow the GPS coordinates and keep an eye for these two landmarks mentioned earlier.

Kali Little Garden Seafood
89, Jalan 2, Pandamaran Jaya,
42000 Port Klang
GPS Coordinates: N3.010841, E101.424494
Business hours: 6pm to 1am (Closed on Monday)
Tel: 012-2714444

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