Kam Hin Dim Sum Restaurant @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park

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Kam Hin Restaurant at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park serves very good dim sum and it is packed to the max during weekends. Needless to say, it is already a well known dim sum restaurant in KL.
Actually I didn’t know I was going to visit Kam Hin when I first came here. Because, the person who recommended me this restaurant forgot its name and only recalls the direction to it. Luckily the restaurant’s location is pretty strategic so it was no sweat looking for it.


The variety of dim sum available at Kam Hin is a lot and even though I have been here a couple of times, I still couldn’t manage to try every of it. Starting off with the most expensive dim sum I ever had so far (yes, it’s even more expensive than the one I had at Eden) – Deep Fried Yam Paste Stuffed with Prawn @ RM8.
Again, I didn’t check the price first before I took it from the fried dim sum station. And to be honest, it certainly didn’t look like it was going to cost RM8, did it? LOL. Nevermind the price, it was deliciously crunchy on the outside and the prawns were fresh. Good stuff. Because of the yam paste, having a few of these will already make you full.


Another fried dim sum that cost RM8 (didn’t check again) – Deep Fried Yam Paste Stuffed with BBQ Pork (char siew) This is even more filling than the prawn one because the portion is bigger and the yam paste is thicker too. It was tasty at first but since there were only the two of us sharing it, it did get quite boring later lol.


When presented to our table, Cheese Baked Mussels was the first to catch my eye among all steamed dim sum.


Har Gao, a must for us whenever we have dim sum. It had fresh juicy prawns and the Har Gao skin didn’t break easily, what more can you ask.


Har Mai.


Some other dim sum we randomly took.


Fried Bean Curd Sheet Stuffed with Prawns. Seriously, look at the amount of prawns stuffed in each piece.. really value for money, lol. Oh yeah, we took some egg tarts too which were nice as well.


Seafood and Scallop Dim Sum. The round white flesh sitting on the dim sum is the scallop, not very visible huh. Anyway, we had two of this thanks to a mix up in one of the table’s order. Instead of keeping for themselves, the chef was nice enough to give it to us, haha.


Prawn Dim Sum with an interesting shape.


In the mornings, dim sum at Kam Hin is mass steamed and carried around customers by the waiters. When it’s not that busy during lunch time, dim sum is ordered ala carte instead.


If you didn’t know, Kam Hin actually has a menu with the full listing of dim sum as well as the prices. I only knew this the second time when I came during lunch time, lol.
So, don’t be like me sitting there waiting for the dim sum to come. Just flag a waiter and tell them which dim sum you want from the menu ok.
Also, if ordered ala carte, your choice of dim sum is made fresh and steamed immediately after that. It doesn’t get any fresher than this – steaming hot dim sum prepared to order.


This is where all the fried dim sum is located at. Don’t simply take until you have checked the price ok, lol.


Kam Hin’s dim sum steaming station located on the footpath, the sight never gets old for me.


Besides the special dim sum that cost RM8, Kam Hin’s dim sum is categorized into small (RM3), medium (RM3.50) and big (RM4). This means their price is generally fifty cents more expensive than the other dim sum restaurants in KL. But, I think the extra price is worth it for the wide selection, huge portions and fresh ingredients. I am already looking forward for my next visit here, lol.
To reach Kam Hin – From KL-Seremban highway, exit to Jalan Kuchai Lama and you will see Ajinomoto on your right. Then, you will reach a traffic light shortly and go straight until you see a Shell petrol station on your left. Next to Shell is a row of shops, Kam Hin is somewhere at the end of it.

BTW, Merry Christmas everyone!

Restaurant Kam Hin,
A32, 34, 36, Jalan 1/116B,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 KL.

Tel: 03-77296866

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