Kampung Aston Curry Mee, 碧姨咖喱面 @ Bukit Mertajam


There was an article on Guang Ming Daily not long ago recommending good food in Bukit Mertajam and one of them is 碧姨咖喱面 – Kampung Aston Curry Mee. It was the only food in the list that I neither heard nor tried before. So I had to actually call the owner of the coffee shop to know the location of this stall lol. Luckily the contact number was provided in the said article.
And given that I agree with the writer on his recommendations (in fact I blogged all of them before except for this one), I was quite excited to know there is a new place for me to discover. If you are interested with the food in BM, the article is a good reference because it is quite updated and accurate.


Pik Yee’s (碧姨) curry mee is different from the Penang variant of curry mee in the sense that her recipe does not rely much on santan (coconut milk) but more on Indian curry spices instead for the flavor. This gives the soup a thinner consistency and a slightly salty taste instead. A normal serving costs RM2.50 while a bigger bowl or with added ingredients would cost RM3. And I specially requested for more pork blood cubes.


But like the article mentioned, the curry mee’s taste might not be suitable to everyone and I have to agree. The first time I had this I felt it was too saltish, which was due to the strongly seasoned chilli paste. So it did not appeal to me much. Still I decided to give it another try before making any conclusions but the outcome remained the same.
To be honest I doubt I will return for the noodles again because of this. I can only say for those who have a preference for heavy flavored food, or an avid curry mee lover in BM can give this a try if you haven’t yet. No guarantees you will like it though. As of now Taman Bukit Curry Mee is still my personal favorite in BM.


Pik Yee’s Kampung Aston Curry Mee can be found at Restoran Nature Garden, Taman Maju Utama near to where all the latest cafes and restaurants like Old Town Kopitiam, Blogger’s Cafe and Station One Cafe are concentrated at.

碧姨咖喱面 Kampung Aston Curry Mee
Restoran Nature Garden,
Taman Maju Utama,
Bukit Mertajam (Wikimapia location)
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.138 E100 28.379
Business hours: 7:30am to 4:30pm
Closed every Wednesday

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  1. those had it since it establishes in kg aston will love it but maybe not for all.

    Food: Sometmes,just not my cup of “tea”. It’s tasty sometimes. The cockles mixes with the chilli paste over sometimes before serving. That is the different from other curry mee. Normally, the cockles does not mix with the chilli paste beforehand but this one does. Hence to service cockle means to serve chilli.
    Service Response: Quite fast.

    RECOMMENDED if one into spicy stuffs or heavy taste. More into Kg Bee curry mee and the other one in Luk Yuen shop (again, not sure if i spell it correctly!)

  2. the taste is not as good as it used to be anymore .. . i had it today after i saw ur blog … as i din’t know whr it moved to .. . it was kinda disappointing … .very oily . .. don’t taste d curry anymore but d chilli paste .. .


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