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Kampung Lapan Siham Stall @ Melaka


Kampung Lapan Siham Stall may be the 2nd oldest food stall in Melaka that serves boiled cockles and lala. They might not be as famous as ‘longkang siham’ and don’t have as many variety of shellfish, but they offer a more hygienic environment and friendlier service.


Just like at ‘longkang siham’, customers will also sit on traditional wooden stools here, which I feel is essential to the overall experience. Normal tables and chairs are still available if any of you are worried about wardrobe malfunction.


According to the stall owner, she has been operating her small business for more than 20 years. And since she is operating at a food court that’s mostly occupied by Malay stalls, her food is Muslim friendly. In fact, many Malays would order her siham and lala to be enjoyed along with roti canai and other goreng-goreng dishes.


A serving of siham or lala (it’s actually kepah) is priced at RM2 and you get just enough shellfish to fill the plate. Their dipping sauce, which is inarguably the distinguishing element for this kind of food, is excellent. It is still prepared traditionally with prawn paste (instead of sweet sauce), lime juice, chili boh and crushed peanuts. What you get is a rich, sweet and spicy dip that accentuates the flavor of the shellfish.


You can have a full meal here if you want, as they also serve many kinds of fried noodle and other side dishes such as fried oyster (recommended, one of the tastier ones), sotong kangkung and fried lala/cockles.


The Oyster Mee @ RM7 was a simple noodle dish that’s cooked mainly in oyster sauce. The oysters given were tiny so it seemed like they did not make any difference to the noodle. It’s not that it was bad tasting, per se, it’s just very normal.


We also tried the fried lala @ RM12. The preparation was quick and simple where poached lala is fried in onions, homemade sambal, curry powder and salt. If you like kampung-ish food which has this ‘olden taste’ then you might enjoy this. Otherwise, you might find the flavor a bit bland and boring.


The easiest way to reach here is to Waze ‘Pasar Malam Kampung Lapan’. You will know you are at the right place when you start seeing 4-storey flats.

Kampung Lapan Siham Stall
Medan Selera Taman Kenanga, Melaka
Hours: 6.30pm – 10pm (closed on Tuesday)

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