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Kancil Raja Patin @ Kampung Bangau, Temerloh


Temerloh has a lot of patin tempoyak stalls and restaurants, they can be found every corner of the town. Gobang Maju is inarguably the most famous of all.


But if you want to try one that has less tourists and also slightly cheaper in price, check out Kancil Raja Patin.


Kancil Raja Patin (KRP) is situated next to Sungai Pahang so diners can enjoy the peaceful view of the river while eating. You can also see plenty of fish cages lined up along the river used to rear patin fish – silver catfish.


This is why the patin fish here tastes better and sweeter because the water is always flowing compared to those farm raised in ponds.




Like all good patin tempoyak restaurants, KRP also makes their own tempoyak paste from durian kampung flesh. It contains 13 different spices that contribute to its exquisite flavor.


To be honest, I have never been a fan of tempoyak. But after trying this at Temerloh, I can safely say that I am now a convert. But between gulai patin tempoyak and patin ikan pais, personally I prefer the latter because the flavor is more ‘kao’.

While you are here, these are some of the dishes to try:

– Patin Ikan Pais (must try)
– Patin Penyet (deep fried patin served with sambal penyet, they don’t smash the fish)
– Fried Chicken & Udang Galah


【Kancil Raja Patin HQ】
No 2A, Kampung Bangau Tanjung
Temerloh, 28000 Pahang
11am – 5pm
Tel: 013-886 6164 (Hotline), 013-906 8259 (Kuza)
【Kancil Raja Patin (Bossque Mengcorner)】
Lot 21673 (GM 11570) Kg Megat Segama
Lubok Layang Mukin Perak
Temerloh, 28000 Pahang
12pm – 4pm, closed on Monday
Tel: 013-886 6164 (Hotline), 014-508 8803 (Ku Helmy)
【Kancil Raja Patin Danau Kota】
Jalan 2, 1/23e, Kuala Lumpur
11am – 5pm, closed on Monday
Tel: 012-951 1470 (Ameer), 017-988 4042 (Firdaus)

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