Kei Tak Sek (KTZ) Restaurant


“Kee Tak Zek” @ KTZ restaurant, pronounced as “Kei Tuck Sek” in cantonese – means “Remember To Eat” is a chain of restaurants that reside in KL area. They are famous for their variety of “Thong Shui”/desserts and Dim Sum. I’ve visited 3 different KTZ outlets in Kepong, SS2 and Jalan Imbi.

kei tak sek KTZ Restaurant

This is taken at KTZ SS2

kei tak sek KTZ Menu
A cam-shot of the desserts being offered. Their Peanut Butter Thong Shui has been praised by many who tried it. The list includes.. Shang Jun and Siang Leng lol, so blame them if it’s not nice :P

kei tak sek Fa Sang Wu

Peanut Butter… oooo. I wanted to try something special so I ordered their Sesame Thong Yun. It was nice stuff, very recommended let me warn you first, they cost RM1 per biji. Lastly we ordered the “Bake Crab”, which is some Siu Mai stuffed in a poor crab shell :P A bit pricey for the proportion, not worth ordering again. Anyway it looks nice.

Baked Crab

Poor crab :(

Sesame Tong Yuen Inside Tong Yuen

“Thong Yun” – Glutinuous Rice Balls

KTZ Menu
Kei Tak Sek us ar :P

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  1. sorry.. can i know where this shop move. because last time i can find it in imbi.. i hope i can find it around imbi.. but i don know where is it now..

    vk: it’s no more at imbi, few weeks ago I went to Lowyat Plaza and saw the shop next next to Sungai Wang/Lowyat Plaza, can’t really remember, but it’s there.

  2. wah.. quite hidden.. then sure very hard to find it.. :(..

    vk: soo, I found the address for you.

    Lot G9 & G10, ground Floor at Bazaar@ Low Yat, Off Jln Bukit Bintang

    It’s at Low Yat’s ground floor. Happy eating :)


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