Kenny Rogers Mexicano Meal

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Recently Kenny Rogers Roasters had been promoting a new set meal, Magnifico Mexicano – Kenny’s Mexicano Meal. As depicted in the promotional card it looked promising, with the salsa chicken and wholemeal pita. Lets see how it looked like in real.


I opted mashed potatoes and fresh fruits as the side dishes. I believe these 2 make up the best combination for a complete meal. The wholemeal pita certainly didn’t look as nice as it should lol. But it was quite nice and the chicken tasted good. I thought it was even better than the usual BBQ chicken.


This would be the standard set of Kenny Rogers wood fire roasted chicken. The chicken’s portion is clearly much larger than Mexicano Meal’s heh.


Lastly, a muffin of your choice to go for every set meal ordered. There are only 2 flavors though, either banana or chocolate. This was definitely the best part of the entire meal. They were still when served. Mmmm, fresh baked muffins, I like.

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