Kepong Dim Sum


“Dim Sum” – in Chinese meaning “a pinch to the heart” is a variety of dumplings and buns that can be either steamed or fried, normally served along with chinese tea. As the name implies, Dim Sum is to be treated as a light snack rather than a full meal.

Kepong Dim Sum

Delicious Char Siu Pao, anyone?

Kepong Dim SumKepong Dim Sum

Plenty of Siu Mais, who doesn’t love Siu Mai??

I have yet found any recommendable Dim Sum in KL, if you have any suggestions please do write a comment after this post. Few days ago I spent 2 hours driving around Sri Petaling and Bukit Jalil trying to find the 24H Dim Sum restaurant Ji Xian mentioned a few years back. After asking 8 different people, which include 3 Malay apartment guards, an Indian newspaper seller, a Chinese restaurant owner and 3 friends through phone calls, we still couldn’t manage to find that damn place. Really ‘da pai’.

Kepong Dim Sum

A Dim Sum restaurant in Kepong

In the end gave up finding and ended up eating Char Kueh Teow in Serdang. 1.30 am. Phhhft. -.-

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  1. Behind Brem Mall got Kwai Lim dim sum. Quite famous. It is a stall along the roadside, facing Brem Mall and just outside of SMK Raja Abdullah’s field

  2. Kuchai Lama also had a Dim Sam, they had two shop lot join together, open morning and night. you should try out, every time i go there had to queue half an hour for seat.


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