Ketayap (Kuih Tayap) @ Chowrasta Market, George Town


For a common kuih, Kuih Tayap has many names. Whether called Ketayap, Kuih Ketayap, Kuih Dadar or Kuih Gulung, they all refer to the same thing. This traditional Malaysian snack is actually a rolled crepe filled typically with shredded coconut and palm sugar. Because of its popularity the recipe has been adopted by all races and modified accordingly.


While the Malays and Nyonya alike would prepare the crepe in pandan flavor and use gula Melaka for the sweet taste, a Chinese stall in Chowrasta market, more specifically in front of shop No.3 along Jalan Kuala Kangsar has been preparing the crepe plain filled with white sugar and crushed peanuts instead.


This stall, located next to a coffee powder vendor has been for over 40 years by an elderly husband and wife. But due to the passing of uncle, now aunty is assisted by her daughter-in-law and they only open for Saturdays and public holidays.
The reason she chose to open only during these days is because those are the only days when her DIL is free to help. Actually for her age, she could have chosen to retire completely but I guess she doesn’t want to disappoint her long customers who crave for her delicious Ketayap.

ketayap preparation

The crepe’s batter is only made of rice flour and water and very little oil is used to fry it into shape. After a short baking time they would be cooked and ready to be transferred to the prep table. This is where the DIL would stuff the crepe, roll and wrap each piece individually in a thin plastic.


It’s hard not to love this snack, soft and chewy on the outside but contrasted with a gritty and sweet filling. They are best while still warm so I had it at a nearby coffee shop. There is memory in every bite that brings out the kid in you.
Some of you might feel the Kuih Tayap here is nothing special but for me, their long dedication alone is enough to warrant a must-visit and must-try. You won’t know if aunty decides to retire completely one day, then there goes the opportunity to try her kuih!
So for those wanting to try this Kuih Tayap, first let me warn you that due to their odd business days, be prepared for disappointments. Even weather could be a factor, as they are located is an open market after all. I myself had to make three trips before finally getting the chance to buy and try it. And believe it or not, the ones I bought was the last two pieces!

Mr Lok’s Kuih Tayap
Stall in front of No.3, Jalan Kuala Kangsar (next to coffee powder stall)
Business hours: Saturdays and public holidays only, 7.30am until finish

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  1. the kuih is good, not many stall selling nowadays.
    By the way, Georgetown is spelled in ONE word, not seperated.


  2. Thanks for writing this article. I’ve been patronizing this stall since I was a little girl, and I really love the kuih! I used to stay very near the couple’s house. Was very sad when the uncle passed on.

  3. This kuih is known as “Pok Chung” in Cantonese. It was sold by an old lady in front of a 2 storey house at Kuala Kangsar road back in the 50s. Doubt there is another stall selling this kuih elsewhere.

    • It’s Cantonese sweet version 薄罉(bok6 chaang1). The salty version is fry with spring onion and dried shrimp.


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