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KFC Zinger Double Down – All Meat No Bun


KFC Zinger Burger and Double Down

I have always liked KFC‘s Zinger Burger. I believe it’s their strongest product and one of the tastiest burgers in the market. The Zinger Double Down is like an improved version of the original burger by swapping out the buns and replacing them with fried chicken fillets. I don’t know who came up with the idea but he/she ought to get a raise for this ingenious creation.

KFC Zinger Double Down Box
KFC Zinger Double Down Burger

Many variants of Double Down exist around the world but in Malaysia, it’s chicken slice, cheese, mayonnaise and cheezy sauce sandwiched between two Zinger fillets. As you can see, the box for Double Down is larger than the normal Zinger burger. So you can expect the Double Down to be larger too.

KFC Zinger Double Down Burger All Meat No Bun

Taste wise, it’s pretty awesome – the Zinger fillets were juicy, full of flavor and meld well with the condiments perfectly. The ala carte price of Double Down is RM10.90, which is not exactly cheap but definitely worth the experience.
And as sinful as it looks, you’d be surprised that the caloric value of a Double Down (540 calories) is lower than some of the burgers offered by other fast food chains.

KFC Tesco Village Mall Kepong

Lastly, you can expect the quality of food to differ from outlet to outlet. For KFC, even though the nearest branch (Taman Sri Sinar) to us is only 5 minutes drive away, we refuse to eat there because of their inefficiency. Many times we were there, they either ran out of fried chicken or they served us cold ones.
Currently, our preferred KFC outlet is in Kepong Village Mall. The staff there are better trained and we never had any issue with the food. That may explain why our Double Down not only looks good, it tasted great too.

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