KFC Zinger Maxx


KFC Zinger Maxx is an improved version from the normal KFC Zinger Burger. It has a different type of bun, called the kaiser bun. Interesting name for a bun lol, got a bit Japanese feel to it. Anyway it is a popular bread in the Western countries, and usually topped with poppy or sesame seed, as seen in the picture.

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Besides that, KFC also added a slice of cheese to Zinger Maxx. Good choice, it certainly made the burger tastier. And the cheese melts nicely from the heat of the chicken fillet.

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The chicken fillet I had was a bit out of shape lol.. I thought it was supposed to be in perfect round shape :P

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We also had a dinner meal, 3 pieces of hot and spicy chicken. I always preferred hot and spicy to original recipe. Original ones taste saltish and smaller in size. Bottomline is.. if you loved Zinger, you will love Zinger Maxx even more!

And by the way, what’s up with Prosperity Burger? Anyone can enlighten me why is it good? No offense to people who like it, but personally I think it’s crap. Few years ago I had one and threw it away after the first bite. It only has black pepper taste, nothing else. And people either love it a lot, or loathe it like me.

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  1. I had it when it’s first launched in Ipoh. All I can say is, I don’t really like the cheese combined with my old favourite Zinger. Cheesy Wedges’ cheese dressing is much better.

  2. Not going to try any burgers from KFC…gave up. Too much disappointment.

    Tried Alaskan Fish burger….Er no offense but it was crappy….wasn’t as good as wat u said..not crispy at all, warm (almost cold) instead of piping hot, and there was a fishy smell to the fillet (as in the ‘not fresh’ fishy smell)….Mom said McD fillet o fish is better :P

    And prosperity burger wasn’t crappy as wat u said. I had it and taste good! and the beef smell is still there.

    I guess all those fast food outlets are not standardise enuf like their counterparts in US and the rest of the asia pacific region.

  3. Jian – Hey no prob! We have different taste buds that’s all :P I do agree that the food quality varies in fast food restaurants. The prosperity burger I had was in Pacific and it already awful when it arrived. I guess that’s why it tasted bad too..

    For Zinger Maxx.. I saw another blogger who posted the picture of it.. it looked really awful too, vegetables were already like dead lol. How to be nice? I guess I was lucky to get a good one

  4. Never try prosperity burger before, but my friends said it’s so so only and the beef one tastes better than the chicken one. Anyway, might just leave the choice to next year and not gonna try it this year. :P

    I like Zinger Maxx, but if the chicken fillet inside is larger of size, I would love it more! Hahah~


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