KFC Zinger Tower review


When I am only alone, I tend to eat fast food
Friend A was busy working late
Friend B was playing badminton
Friend C had already eaten
So, it was me all alone again
My choice was either KFC or McDonalds
Between KFC Zinger Tower and Prosperity Burger
I don’t like the overwhelming black pepper sauce of Prosperity Burger
So, I had a Zinger Tower from the X-meal
Didn’t really care about the negative reviews I saw on forums
Because I was curious


What is Zinger Tower?
It’s a Zinger burger, with extra things and some modifications
Mayonaise was substituted zesty lime chili sauce
Some people said it tasted like dish wash
But I thought it was OK
A hash brown was added under the Zinger fillet
It was pretty soggy and bland
But it did make me feel fuller
Oh yeah, I don’t like Pepsi Max
So I requested normal Pepsi
X-meal cost RM10.50, ok lah
Zinger Tower ala carte cost RM6.60, omg


My overall verdict?
I have a feeling KFC introduced this to fight with McD’s Prosperity
I think it won’t be effective
Instead, it would only drive the Zinger lovers away
Cham loh, it will be on the menu for quite long
How ar? Sien

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  1. yea, the 1st version of Zinger already the best! suprisingly KFC keeping the pricing at RM10+ but not the other burger food store such as McD, Wendy’s…..their price add up to almost RM20…gee, gila

    i also dont like the McD prosperity burger, black Pepper flavour is too strong. i prefer Samurai burger instead.

    gill gill’s last blog post..Young Hearts’ Restaurant Invited Review

  2. hmmm im still curious about this…heard it calling out my name the other day when i saw that it had a hash brown inside! lol but until today havent tried it yet. seems like i should ask for the dressing on the side :P

    i also dont like McD’s prosperity burger. its too spicy and it usually comes out too soggy (too much sauce) bring back Samurai burger any day!!

    lingzie’s last blog post..Deep Fried Butter Oats Prawn Recipe for Chinese New Year

  3. yeah!!i want my original BACK!!!!the new one is not as good as the original one

    btw,i just tried a new fast food restaurant this afternoon.
    the name is B.Wings.in ss 15 subang jaya there.
    the Fajita was sooo delicious.i really like it!!
    and they also offer buffalo wings which i think is great!!!!!
    u guys have to try it.it is different from other fast food resto….

    vk: Thanks Jen Sen, I will see if I have any free time to visit it.. I am still not familiar with Subang Jaya area.. it seems like a maze to me haha.


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