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Kim Hee Shark’s Fin & Seafood Restaurant @ Seberang Jaya


Not too long ago was my mom’s birthday and we took her to a very nice Chinese restaurant called Kim Hee at Seberang Jaya for a birthday dinner celebration. We came to know the restaurant after attending a friend’s wedding dinner, which was held in the same restaurant too.
We found Kim Hee’s food to be good, not too expensive and complete with nice interior. Since then Kim Hee would always be on top of the list of restaurants whenever we have any special dinner occasion.


One of the compulsory dishes for us if there’s a special occasion, 五福临门 – Five Seasons @ RM60. It’s a dish consisting of five food that usually differ in the season, flavor and preparation method.
Since the dish depends on the chef’s creativity and available ingredients at the time it was ordered, you won’t know what is going to be served. But you can always ask the manager beforehand, and request to change any of the five items to something else you want.


The dish arrived consisting of deep fried spring rolls, salad prawn, fried mussels and some wrapped seafood. I felt RM60 was quite expensive considering the not-so-premium items and the small individual portions. But overall it was still a tasty dish, except for the bland tasting wrapped seafood.


Each of us had a serving of Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat @ RM18, served in a cup over a heat source to maintain the warmth. Wonderfully delicious with flavorful stock, big visible chunks of shark’s fin and generous amount of crab meat.


It’s uncommon to find Xiao Long Bao in a normal restaurant, so we ordered a basket of five @ RM10 to try. Unfortunately the taste was inferior compared to Shanghai Ding or Dragon-I.
It was somewhat expected and honestly I didn’t have high hopes. Main problem was with the bun itself, which contained too much meat and not enough soup, hence the dry texture.


Sang Mee @ RM6.


Still not feeling full, we ordered a plate of Ostrich Stir Fry with Ginger and Spring Onion @ RM15. It was damn delicious, the ostrich meat was so tender and succulent with beef-like flavor.
For any of you who do not take beef due to religious reasons, ostrich is the next best meat you can have as substitute. Not to mention it’s a very healthy meat too having lower fat and calories even when compared to chicken.


For dessert, we had Lotus Paste Pancake with Peanut Butter Tong Sui. The Lotus Paste Pancake cost RM15, while each cup of tong sui was surprisingly cheap at RM3.


I gotta say this dessert emerged as the most surprising dish for me that night. I never expected it to be so delicious when coupled with Peanut Butter Tong Sui.. the combination was perfect. The pancake itself was prepared sweet, but the tong sui was a little diluted. So if you were to eat them on their own, you would end up tasting something too sweet or too bland.
But dip a slice of hot pancake into the tong sui, then take a bite.. you will find the pancake’s sweetness subside a little, and infused with peanut butter flavor. The combo was definitely much better tasting and satisfying.


The restaurant is huge, shown here is less than half of the total area.


Excluding beverages, our meal came to a total of RM188. But since Kim Hee was having a special discount promotion we had 20% slashed off the bill. What a pleasant surprise, we knew nothing about the promotion lol. I am not sure if the promotion is still going on but feel free to call up to inquire.

Kim Hee Shark’s Fin & Seafood Restaurant (behind the rows of shops opposite Sunway Carnival Mall)
22-24, Jalan Todak 4,
Pusat Bandar Seberang Jaya,
13700 Prai
Tel: 04-3976905
Wikimapia Location: Somewhere around here, you won’t miss it

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    • Hi, sorry I don’t own a GPS device.. I am not too sure how to post the coordinates too. For Penang mainland-ers it should be easy to find. Is wikimapia coordinate usable in GPS?

  1. the food looks really good.
    The shark fin…urgh. I have stopped eating shark fins after I watched how they get the fins from the sharks in such cruel manner… and all those animal abuse

    I am reducing all meat intake since then. =__=”
    Haha, no offence. But I still come back and see these photos! =)

    – c H i E n -’s last blog post..The One Type Of Man Women Don’t Need

  2. won’t eat the soup as apart from the cruelty of killing them, it can also cause erectile disfunction and birth deffects due to the .998 level of Mercury in shark. i suspect that my miscarriage happened due to mercury intoxicated.


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