Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee – worst attitude ever


I actually wanted to blog about this Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee later but I am still so damn pissed off with the shop. I had the worst experience dining experience ever here – got our orders forgotten TWICE, waited for one hour and even got scolded by the boss for the slightest thing! No matter how tasty or famous their Chili Pan Mee is, I have vowed to boycott this shop forever. If you feel the Sisters Char Koay Teow and Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow have bad attitudes, man you haven’t seen anything yet.
In KL I believe if Chili Pan Mee is mentioned, Kin Kin is the first shop to come into mind. Besides being famous for their Pan Mee (which I think is overrated anyway) they are also notorious for showing bad attitudes to customers. I have heard some incidents from my close friends where they were scolded by the owners but I have kept an open mind so far. At least until the last weekend.


The Pan Mee we waited for more an hour. Those customers who came in much later than us were served earlier, seriously WTF. They didn’t seem to notice the four of us had been sitting there for so long too. And any reminder to them about our orders would be brushed off nonchalantly. It’s like “do you think I care?” was written on their foreheads.
OK to be fair I am not expecting 5 star hotel service from a noodle stall, heck I didn’t even expect them to be nice and all. But hey, at least show us some respect like a normal human being does!


Chili Flakes. What’s this? Flakes made of chili to be mixed into your pan mee loh. Taste? Spicy and damn salty. I can’t imagine how some people manage to put 5-6 spoonfuls of this into their pan mee..


Although I am still very angry over the incident, I am going to give an honest opinion about their pan mee.. which in my honest, non-biased, frank, genuine, sincere, truthful opinion.. NORMAL only.

Ingredients wise there were self made pan mee, some fried anchovies, minced meat, lard and a sunny side-up egg. First timers were advised by some hand writings on the shop’s wall to only put half a spoon to one spoonful of chili flakes, then slowly increase the amount as desired. For me, I taruh-ed two spoonfuls.


Here’s how it looked like after the noodle was mixed with the chili flakes. Looks fiery and spicy enough for you? The pan mee didn’t have much taste so the only thing one can do is to put a lot of chili flakes to enhance the flavor. That would probably explain the spoonful after spoonful of chili flakes people mix into their pan mee. Heh.


So, you ready to hear my story? Here goes. We entered the shop around 1pm and found a table at the center not too far behind the restaurant. Refer diagram below. I am the orange dude, red dots represent the other customers and the arrows represent the traffic in the restaurant.
Needless to say, when you are sitting at such a position, people are bound to touch you either with their hands or their butts. So we were already very patient with all the waiting and forgotten orders, and I was already a little upset at that time. You’d feel the same too if you were in my shoes.


Then suddenly the lady boss came over to our table and demanded me to sit on the other side of the table, because she said I was blocking the people moving around. WTF? I was not the only person who was seated like that, there were other customers blocking the way too. Even if I moved to the other side of the table, it was going to be the same lah.. still blocking people what.

She: Eh, you come sit over here lah.

Me (frustrated with all the waiting): No need lah, I am fine here.

She: Can you sit over here?! You are blocking people lah. It’s not I don’t want to let you sit there, later they knock you when they deliver the noodles you know.

Me: Nevermind, I will just sit in a bit.

She (shouts): Haiyo, then at least push the table a bit lah! *Carries and shifts the table, many people looking*

After that she walked back to the cooking area, where she threw us an angry look at us. So angry like we were her 杀父仇人 (enemy who killed her father) Behind her angry stares I imagined what were in her mind, maybe chopping us up into a million pieces, or spitting in our noodles. No kidding, I really had those thoughts. LOL we quickly finished the noodles and left.
If you still feel like visiting Kin Kin after reading my post, you can search for other bloggers’ review. Because I am not even bothered post the shop’s address and location.
And the RM5.30 I paid for the pan mee is definitely the last they’re ever going to get from me. After all, there are many pan mee alternatives in KL with friendlier staff that I can go to. So, if Kin Kin thinks their pan mee is so godlike tasty that they can treat customers the way they treated me, they are obviously wrong.

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  1. first one to comment! LOL i can feel how angry were (are) you. get your message and will avoid this shop.
    Cheers la.

    vk: Wah ah ling you are so fast.. I heard some people they treat people nicer in the mornings and evenings. I dunno lah, but they piss me off one time is enough already.

  2. Boycott!!!! but too bad I’m at Ipoh. I also can understand your feeling of that because I had that kind of situation before on somewhere else.

  3. I support you vkeong! Who do these shopkeepers think they are? They’re nothing without patrons like us! Let’s teach them a lesson!! :)

    iamthewitch’s last blog post..How I won Sakae Sushi voucher

    vk: Yeah, they should treat their customers with respect, and show a little commitment to what they’re doing. I don’t see any heart or soul in them

  4. Shruggssss….I really cannot tahan lousy service. They have the same crap attitude in their Pandan Indah branch…

    vk: Eh, from what I heard that branch’s attitude is better woh lol. Btw, there’s a hand written disclaimer in this branch.. saying they only have 1 and only genuine branch in Cheras, Pandan Indah.. as though many people want to imitate them.. o__O

    • ya…i agree too~~

      The staff in Pandan Indah branch are much better than the one in chowkit…
      So, i always prefer to have their pan mee in Pandan Indah~~

  5. I was also scolded before and since then I already boycotted Kin Kin.

    This happened 4 years ago, and u won’t believe the reason I was being scolded. I took a spoonful of chilli into my bowl of noodles, just to test the level of spiciness first. Then, thinking that I might need a bit more chilli to tone up my spiciness, I took another spoonful of chilli into a sauce plate.

    The boss saw that, and skolded me, saying ‘the chilli very spicy one lah…u think u can eat so much meh? If cant eat so spicy, dun take so much lah!!!’. And she took the bottle of chilli away from my table.

    WTF!!! They seriously too cocky.

    Since then, I have been a frequent customer at Restoran Super Kitchen, opposite Kin Kin. Better service, cheaper noodle.

    Do check out my blog. There’s a post on the restaurant.


    vk: Oh wow I just read your experience.. seems like there are really many people who kena-ed from this shop. Will try Super Kitchen next time :)

  6. OMG, I feel so sorry for u vkeong. I been there a couple of times with fren but never encounted such experience b4 bt i heard from my fren that they r famous for their bad atttitude. Actually i kind of like the pan mee n thier pork meatball soup. Too bad la thier attitude was so bad, i was planning to visit them again if i’m going kl. After ur review i think i better forget about. Anyway, cheers my fren. Stay cool!

    vk: Hi Ching Ching, it’s ok you still can visit Super Kitchen opposite Kin Kin. I heard their pan mee is equally good as well, and friendlier attitude is guaranteed :)

  7. wah lau eh! such bad attitude and yet still so famous??
    i dont understand food outlets that are rude to their customers. granted we dont expect to be waited on hand and foot. just treated with respect. normal mah right?

    havent eaten at Kin Kin before, but i just tried the other famous chilli pan mee place (in kota damansara). service was quick and good. and i liked the pan mee. like you said, plenty of pan mee alternatives in KL!

    lingzie’s last blog post..Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant @ Penang Street

    vk: I know the place you are talking about :D I gotta give it a visit one day as I have received many good comments about it..

  8. oh that bad?!!! geez. i tried their outlet in Pandan Indah, and found that the pan mee nothing special, the chili flakes made the noodles spicier and saltier by a whole lot, but RM5 for a bowl is kinda pushing the limit.

    sorry bout ur bad experience. but with u brandishing a DSLR, supposed the lady boss can take a hint …. :)

    vk: Maybe it was the dSLR that pissed her off? I don’t know lol. Or maybe I had a face problem like some of the other people suggested haha

  9. I always had this personal view that food cooked with anger is the worst tasting food of all…

    vk: Ah, luckily the person who cooked the food wasn’t the one who scolded me :P

  10. hey vkeong,

    trust Corynne and i, both of us are frequent visitors at Super Kitchen. the boss, his wife and kids are super friendly. they even have a branch in Kota Damansara but their main branch in ChowKit still serves the best pan mee.

    try it out when u are around the area. i never fail to get good services from them.

    alkt @ LYN

  11. If I were you, I won’t wait for 1 hour just to taste their so called “famous” pan mee. I solute you for being so patient. The only thing that makes it different is the chili flakes. I think their restaurant name comes from their worst attitude.. I definitely won’t go to this place.

    Cocoadeluxe’s last blog post..Movies recommendation

  12. Haven’t tried Super Kitchen before but Kin Kin is foremost the best Chilli Pan Mee i’ve tried so far. I think the spiciness of the chilli flakes is very unique and not every shops can come up with. The portion of the Pan Mee, anchovies and mince pork is balance and when mixed with porch egg and chilli it creates a unique taste and texture.

    Normally i will go early in the morning when there’s less crowd. You have to understand working in this kind of crowdy environment and with so much chilli’s around could get anyone hot tempered anytime… So expect bad customer service lar…

    Hope you won’t let your emotion spoil your taste bud…

    Lizhi’s last blog post..Cough cough… Have some Dr Pepper

  13. I am so agree with you! Normal only and inconsistent quality. Waiting time SUCKS big time!. The mee and the soup doesn’t serve together.

    So I went and try the one opposite Kin Kin. The Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee …. service far better and taste also good. They open a branch at Kota Damansara and since then I am a regular there. Last 2 week I brought Lingzie there and she loves it (Eat for free some more after the boss know she is a food blogger). :D

    email2me’s last blog post..Lingzie Tummy Treats! – One Of The Pioneer Penang Food Blogger

  14. Support u! The owner’s attitude is very bad. I ordered for the dry style but came in soup. I asking to change and he showed black face. Ugly some more. And the fact is…..its pan mee is really just normal only. I go the opposite Super Kitchen which not bad too. Think should boycott this Kin Kin.

    pinkpainter’s last blog post..Sushi-Zen- The Gardens

  15. So sorry to hear that VKeong. I only been to the Chow Kit outlet twice and once at Pandan Indah. Pandan Indah’s service was better, maybe bcos the workers are young ladies. After reading your experience, I don’t think I’ll go there again. Haven’t try Super Kitchen yet though, maybe shall give that a try.

    jason’s last blog post..Lavish Meal at Sawatdee, Part 2

  16. I dislike stalls that forget customers’ orders and fuss when customers complain. Find a system that works. The most famous Pan Mee in Sri Damansara (Ming Heong) has queue numbers given.

  17. Gua support sama lu! Boycott ! I like reading such %$#@%^& post loh! At least let us know which stall or restaurant is giving bad service, low quality of food, charging high price or etc. Save us from being slaughtered, scolded or chopped. :)

    cariso’s last blog post..OXO Cafelab FULL menu

  18. i hv the same experience but just cant understand why people stil like to go there???

    i hv recently tried one pan mee in okr’s central market. yummy. its nice n its gravy is very nice. the rendang chichen pan mee is nice too. the name is very special, called, dui dui mian?!! maybe this is the right panmee that everybody should try!

  19. I’ve heard from many food bloggers commenting about their bad attitude but so far i’ve been there for quite a lot of times cause I have to admit, I’ve only tried their chilli pan mee so far and i’m all for the chilli. I can’t say that they’re the best cause I hadn’t try the others before but I can consider myself that I’m a regular there and there were times that I have to wait for 30 minutes especially during lunch hours and yes he has forgotten my orders before but he didn’t really scold me. But i know what u mean because he has this cocky expression on his face but as long as he didn’t scold me or whatever, i’m fine. It’s such a shame that he treats his customers like that not knowing how can it spoil the restaurant’s reputation.

    Melissa’s last blog post..Not so recent things

    vk: Exactly. His don’t care attitude and the way they treat customers as if we owe them something is just unacceptable. I’m actually fine with the waiting considering they’re famous and all, but scolding a customer is a bit too far stretched for me.

  20. I went before the Pandan Indah outlet .Nah ..most famous ?I dun give a damm about the food..its just normal as vkeong said ..just spicy only ..and about the service..i get a much better service..but I won’t go for another shot because its just normal pan mee with spicy taste ..maybe i will go for my home made sweet taste,sour taste ,bitter taste ..haha

  21. Actually this is the restaurant that I mentioned to you the other day. I’m not very sure about the lady boss’s attitude but in fact my experiences there were really really pleasant!! Maybe I was always served by the old man boss and he was always smiley and greet with friendly manner (still remember last time when I arrived earlier and waiting friend, he very kindly asked if he could serve the mee later so that it wont get cold too early. And when my frends arrived the mee was served instantly!!)

    I guess why you didnt get your order earlier because you didnt place your order the moment you stepped into the shop? Sitting first doesnt mean you get your order first.

    Taste wise.. seriously I think the chilli panmee tastes really really nice! Sometimes I will miss the taste even when I get home. No joke!! And all the ppl that I brought there enjoy the panmee alot.

    I really dunno y u so sweh can meet such incident that happens once every one thousand years but I think it’s becoz u din go wiv me la hahaha! Next time go wiv me more I think u’ll hv better luck lol

    • iam a regular customer for kin kin too…
      despite of their bad attitude, i enjoy their pan mee very much… (maybe iam lucky enuf to escape from their scolding :P)…

      all of my frenz & family members who i brought them there, they will node their head & say “gd”…
      tis satisfied me alot…^^

  22. vkeong, seen you ‘hate’ kin kin’s service, then u guys should walk out and go to the opposite restaurant lah. You been scolded because you making noise?rude? Why u stil want to wait neh? because u like the pan mee very much?

    To stupid Charles: you said wants to burn the restaurant? If anything happens to Kin Kin’s restaurant, I will show the evidence to the police.

  23. Had the same bad experience at Kin Kin.

    Never been there since and I’ve been telling people about it so that hopefully less people will go to the shop.

  24. maybe the auntie see me big size dont dare say anything when serving me……coz i maybe the kind who would flip the table when provoked….

    vk: Haha, I flipped the table.. in my mind lol

  25. I was thinking probably you’re just feeling embarrass and that’s why you’re so angry. She told you to move but you refused to. I guess you piss her off too.

    vk: Even if I did piss her off, she was not supposed to treat customers like that. Put urself in her shoes and think from a business owner’s perspective

  26. chilli pan mee ftw!

    haha.. so sorry your first experience had to be so bad. the first time i went there they didnt take orders. they only took number of bowls. lol. now i see they take some different orders.

    imo, part of the attraction of going to kin kin is to see the drama. lol. the cook is really bad. ive seen him scold his dad like theres no tomorrow. its really really scary. lol..

    but i noticed no one mentioned Hong Kong shops? they have just as terrible or even worse attitudes.. (: imagine sitting down and being scolded for taking too long to order. or being chased out cause u were chatting after food. (:

    hennwei’s last blog post..perception..

  27. don have to get boiled up …. when they serve the food to you, tell them you did not order or if after waiting and waiting it is still not your turn… just walk out. My friend ordered char koay teow from the famous Lorong Selamat stall in Penang, he said told the lady don’t put in cockles but more chilli, while his friends don’t want something else, the lady rudely replied him, he kept his calm.. when she came with the char koay teow, my friend said “no body ordered char koay teow!!!” She had to take the char koay teow away looking around for who ordered them…. Just because their business is good doesn’t mean they must be snobbish, we pay for our food not that we ask for free so don’t give a damn !!! There is no after sales service for food , when you get tummy upset or food poisoning it is none of their business also so don’t get boiled up.

  28. The lady in Kin Kin you’re talking about has the worse attitude ever. I usually avoid dealing with her as much as I can whenever I am there. She actually complains if you smoke at your table while waiting lol. I always just ignore her anyways.

    The old man and both the sons is the best to place your order and the old man is always smiling.

    Personally I feel that 1 and a half spoon of chili is more than enough. Anything more makes the pan mee too spicy to enjoy.

  29. The boss saw that, and skolded me, saying ‘the chilli very spicy one lah…u think u can eat so much meh? If cant eat so spicy, dun take so much lah!!!’. And she took the bottle of chilli away from my table.

    WTF!!! They seriously too cocky.

    LOL if im u…i will take back da chilli and put extra extra chilli on my pan mee….and i dun wanna eat it…and scold her back…i paid for it!! i wanna do wadever i wan….

  30. HAHA. ive been there once. yea, they are so bossy, and they are always arguing. and i really dont understand whats so great about the tasteless pan mee, adding chili flakes. lol. but well, it is an *experience*. just din understand why kl ppl will wait for an hour for that.

  31. Hey, well i ve tried it once and i guess that’s just enough. I also experienced bad attitude service from the owners. Of course the pan mee is awesomely nice, but i always feel that i dun deserve to be serviced in such a way when im a customer. Unless u go there before 11am or after 4pm, but im usually working during such hours.

    Anyway, there’s a S&S restaurant in Bayu Tinggi Klang which is so much more convenient for me. THe pan mee is very good too, in addition to better service and shorter waiting time compared to kin kin. Its speciality is that they serve a range of pan mee, in which the flavour of it noodles itself differs, rather than the soup. FOr instance, they have dragon fruit pan mee, whereby the noodles is pink in colour originated from the fruit. Besides that they have spinach, pumpkin and seaweed (the best!!) pan mee too.

    But most importantly is that it is safe to satisfy everyone’s taste in my family as my sister dislikes pan mee. she would then usually order other things such as curry mee, spicy mee or mee soup, which are equally delicious.. The prices are reasonable and pan mee lovers shud really check it out!

  32. i totally agree that the attitude of the owner and staff at kin kin is ridiculously rude! i was there with my mom last friday morning. as it was still early, the shop was not crowded. however, we were made to wait 20 mins for our bowls of dry noodles. halfway through our noodles, i saw no sign of the soup. so i asked the shop owner and guess what was the reaction? he said “no need to be so kancheong oneeee”.


  33. I have never visit this pan mee shop again since my last visit around a year ago. Cannot “tahan” to eat in such shop. Another “bad” pan mee shop I ever experienced is at Jalan Berangan, somewhere near HSBC Bukit Bintang. Snobbish “taukeh” & working crews. The shop is called “Tim Kee”, translated from Chinese.

  34. recently i found out 1 nicer pan mee also.. it’s jst beside ah xian dim sum. they have lot of variety pan mee like dragon fruit, spinach, celery pan mee, carrot.. n 3 mix flavour pan mee. Maybe u guys can try it out also..

    • I have tried the one beside Ah Xian dimsum at Puchong too. I feel it’s not very good for my taste though. But the Seafood soup pan mee is nice. Other’s is not nice.

  35. I often go around 7-8pm almost once a week. somehow, i get very good service from the boss. the fat guy who was cooking has a smile on his face when we walk in.

    But, for the past few times, we went there around 7pm but the shop was close. Not sure due to what.

    since then i go to the one in Metro Prima.

  36. I will never go to suck places. To top it up, I am spreading the news about such terrible slaughter house.
    Even if their pan meen is so so nice.

    They are closed – probably kena chop by their ‘ex’ customer. Would I be surprise? Would I give a rats ass? No mam.

  37. I feel the branch at Pandan Indah is worst. The service is even worst than the one at KL. And the cooking is isn’t as good as the one in KL.

  38. First of all, i dont understand about this chilli pan mee thing, Seems really popular for a while. Before i tried it , i thought is about the cili soup with the noodles, but at the end i found out is just adding chilli flakes with the normal pan mee. Honestly lor, is really nothing special. Secondly, I think if the lady scolded me , i will make sure i shout back ever louder make her embrass and try to let all her customer knows during that time.

  39. I admire you that you had the patience to wait. If the lady boss were to tell me like that I would have given her a piece of mind in public and walk off.

    • yalor…. i dont understand y so many ppl like this kin kin. nothing special at all. some more need to see the boss face… nia sing…we pay for them also need to see their face… i boycott them. opposite shop are more friendly than this shit owner shop

    • Chili pan mee is not only about the clilli flakes… its also about the blend of egg to how well the pan mee is dried yet still retain its crunchiness.

      KIN KIN has now open another shop in PUBLIKA @ MONT KIARA.. (inside food court)
      Give it a try and this time i believe you won’t regret the service ( because they are foreign workers) but still retain the standard..

      Try it.

  40. maybe u can try the pan mee in Bandar Puteri Puchong, just beside ah xian dim sum. Their pan mee really not bad.. nice food.. i was visiting when ah xian dim sum is full house. i found their pan mee is really special n nice, always finish their soup somemore..

  41. Try one located at kepong, which is also call chili pan mee. i bet 100% the chili pan mee there serve and taste better than the one at kin kin. Plus i prefer the environment there.

    But really, chili pan mee, is not that tasty but if u are fancy with spicy food, you ought to try it

  42. We have eaten in this restaurant and found it to be perfectly nice and one of the highlights in KL.

    It is very crowded in there, because of its popularity which is part of the experience. It is how the locals dine, did you ever think to move when they asked you and then maybe they could have got your food to you sooner???

  43. No more eating there after they r famous leh. Service is super bad…I have experience almost same problem as u, but not till tat extend. I have a bowl of non cook well pan mee…Their face always in black black black…look for other pan mee…

  44. if i’m shouted by a shop owner, i’ll make sure that i bang the table, shout back louder, and leave the

  45. Can try the 媚姨版面at Taman Connaught. Besides curry Pan Mee they also serve Chili Pan Mee. Taste as good as Kin Kin. I’ve been to Kin Kin myself several times. I agree their service sucks… F*** it lar… Somemore not easy to find parking on weekdays lunch time…

  46. u shoud just left and back home makan maggi. Just waste money there having anger forcefully swollow the pan mee…

    I have experience this bad service b4, So i purposely order it then I just left… Give them a lesson…

  47. I have the similar treatment of bad service over this Kin Kin. Times and times they forgot the order and when u go to the boss n ask him to check the order, he’ll shout at u: “dun u see we r busy? just sit back n yr order will be served when reach yr turn.” Damn! y my turn is so late when ppl came after me have their food serve earlier? i wanna boycott this Kin Kin long long time but my gf… she n her whole family just love to go there. dunno y… the pan mee is just so so only. i had better ma-lat pan mee before. until 2 mths ago when they forgot my order again (this is the 3rd time they forgot my orders), i was so angry that i curse them loud loud when i exit the restaurant. my gf in order to pacify me, agree to not going there anymore. \\(^_^)//

  48. It’s ok, just go opposite, there’s another same chili pan mee shop open for business. It’s better place to eat. They serve the same chili pan mee, but with air conditioning and very good service. They will scold their staff if the service is slow, they won’t scold customers. In fact I no longer go to Kin Kin but over that side, I think they are called Super Kitchen. They value their customers. Because I like soup, they will refill them when I ask them. Enjoy!

  49. Yeah…i also like super kitchen.. they’re more friendly..
    the kin kin is very worst.. i have been there once and thats the only once.. i wont go there anymore…

  50. To be fair, I only get scolded by the lady boss before… Most of the time (maybe not at peak hour), the male boss seemed alright… I get scolded because I wanted to move to a bigger table since we had like 4 at that time, and 2 more were on their way… LOL…

    And, yes 媚姨版面’s service is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better…

  51. I do hv bad experience with the staff attitude. 1st n last . There r 5 of us in a group and insisted us to squeeze in the small table currently occupied by 2 person . u can try the opposite shop – friendlier and cleaner premise

  52. Where is the location of this Kin Kin Pan Mee? I wanna spread the word around to my friends so that they will not ever, evevr patronize this shop. We pay them for food , we are customers and we get scolded. What is the world coming to????

  53. erm which kin kin pan mee did u went to? its totally different to the 1 i went to, the 1 i went to at pandan indah hav very good service and i honestly think the pan mee there is tasty?

  54. My family used to eat here until recently when I had a bad a experience there, I will not enter the shop anymore. 3 things happen there today: 1. A very fat man who used to cook but now hangs around the shop was seen scolding a lady worker and then also seen slapping her in front of customers. I was with my kids & I felt really angry with such disrespect for human beings. 2. The fat man was playing with his IPhone & he simply calculated and charged extra though I asked him to recalculate. I walked away but still skeptical & true enough my son recalculated, we have been charged an extra bowl (RM5.80). Not a lot money but does he need to do it. 3. There were small roaches running on the wall. Our table was left hand side from entrance. Be careful if you need to eat there.

  55. bro i have such bad experience with kin kin too. you should really tried ‘chilly pan mee’ chain, much efficient service, consistent good taste. they even have a few branch, one of em’ is in subang jaya business centre opposite taipan. highly recommended!

  56. Kin kin chili pan mee is my favourite all the time. I’m definitely having it at least once a week. I never had such experience before and never saw a lady boss there. Will try super kitchen one day. Heard that their chili pan mee are nice too.

  57. Never understand what’s so great with their pan mee, guess it’s up to individual. Totally agree with you, from the men to the women, they are all damn rude. I hate ungrateful f&b business operators. When new in biz, tempt you with everything sweet and nice, even a discount; when biz picks up, you’ll frequently hear things like : “If you can wait you wait la. If not, go eat other place!”

    I grew up eating Tian Ya Ker in Lrg Haji Taib. Unfortunately for you, they only sell soup ‘Min Fan Kueh’. Handmade noodles rolled flat using glass bottle and stripped with cleaver, plenty of mushrooms, pork meat strips, fried shallots (eggs optional) and choi sam. I usually eat it with lime squeezed in (i requested more limes, 3-4 halfs), i just like the taste like that XD

    Attached links from other bloggers in case you were thinking to check it out :


    (has better photo of the exact location)

  58. KinKin panmee sucks! i tried in their pandan indah branch. we ordered 2 bowls of their panmee and 1 bowl so-called extra order meats which turned out to be just fish cakes and meatballs and 2 iced-herbal tea. This cost us a whooping RM27.50! What the fuck? The panmee was tasteless, the service was bad and the price was overcharged! I told myself that day that i will never eat KINKIN PANMEE ever again even if its free after that day!

  59. Was there a few months ago. Had read about this Kin Kin a few years though. Pan mee is so so – nothing extraordinary about the chilli or or the mee texture. The poached eggs were nicely done. Service was ok for us. It was prompt and i did not feel they were any different from a typical chinese hawker. Most lansi hawkers i ever came across are the famous wan tan meen hawkers in PJ state.

  60. They have an outlet here in Pandan Indah. Much better service than the one in KL. But one thing i dislike is the owner. Sour faced. Their workers are the ones who keep the customers coming. Much more friendlier and if you dint knw you might think they were the owners while the sour puss was the worker. Seriously its like they dont want business. IF u wanna bungkus u are only allowed one chilli per packet. if you ask for more the owner will tell u. gv u more for what. Later you go home will throw away. take one enough. In terms of service the workers there are good. they remember orders and will apologise if the mee is taking too long. the owner sucks :D

  61. I do admit their service is very bad. My husband and I went to their pandan Indah branch and everytime we ordered the same noodles same drinks. But everytime they charged differently. Asked the boss why like that, then he answered that he calculated correctly and didn’t even bother to talk more to me. We also boycott them forever


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