‘Klasik’ Satay Station Has Moved to Taman Kepong Indah


This is going to be a quick one. I just want to update the Klasik Satay Station lovers out there that they have closed their stall at Restoran O’din and upgraded themselves to a full fledged restaurant at Taman Kepong Indah. Nothing much has changed about their satay, it is still tasty and affordable so you can still refer my previous post for a more detailed write up.


The mutton satay (RM1.20) remains the best among the two other meats: chicken (RM0.70) and beef (RM1). I would have given the chicken satay a better rating if not because some of them were so badly burnt. This had been a problem I noticed during my last visit and sadly is still happening. I don’t know exactly why but it only affects the chicken satay while the mutton and beef satay are OK. The least they could do is to trim off the burnt parts from the chicken satay like Sen Kee does rather than serving them charred to the customers.


Satay aside, three types of noodles are available here: Mee Jawa, Mee Soto and Laksa. The Mee Jawa @ RM4.50 is delicious albeit slightly too sweet.


The Laksa‘s broth is nice but the noodles are short stranded, a bit coarse and cooked too al dente. The noodles should be silky smooth, slippery and soft with a little bite, not like this.



Small packets of nasi lemak can be found here too @ RM1 each. The taste is not bad but you should know there are no anchovies and peanuts in it. It contains only rice, a halved hard boiled egg and sambal.



Previously at O’din you could see the boss himself doing the grilling. But after the expansion a few workers have been hired to take care of the satay grills while he oversees the restaurant’s operation.



Banners of various sizes are placed along the road leading to the restaurant, saying Voted No.1 Satay in Klang Valley by “Malaysia Food & Travel Bloggers”. Interesting, I wonder who are those bloggers mentioned.

Klasik Satay Station
Jalan 1/1a ,Taman Kepong Indah,
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: Mon – Sun: 5:00pm – 12:00am
GPS Coordinates: N3 13.662 E101 38.308

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  1. Maybe they knew that you will be reviewing their place? Haha!
    I would like to recommend a Satay Place at Salak South, at the quite famous Fatty Mok place, the satay there is nice!

  2. its been a disappointing experience …service very slow and the food just average not even up to the standard as expected and as been advertised as the no. 1 satay…

  3. I once been there….the food isgoodbut service is too slow….when i made a comment to the counter, the answer i get “we are new”.Not the expected answer for a massive promotional place.

  4. been here 2 months ago after seen the banner and satey voted no. 1 make me brought our big family here but too my surprise the satay is too sweet . the drinks the apple jus tasteless . the bills was rm270-00 and If the satey ,drinks and mee jawa nice i would’nt mind but regret that was my first and last visit klasik station. I won’t recommend other people to come here.

  5. I’ve visited Klasik Satay Station after a long journey from Subang Jaya! And its a bit secluded and we have difficulties in finding the their exact location, but once we taste the Satay, its worth the effort to go all the way to Kepong. As a satay aficionado, its truly one of the best and better than Satay Kajang in Kajang town itself ! no joke really ! Their service might not be the fastest but it is within acceptable range as we are there during a large crowd. I certainly would recommend them to all satay aficionados out there. Thanks Vkeong for finding this hidden jewel

  6. I was there 2 weeks ago..one word to describe ” dissapointing”. By 10pm…everything mostly sold out & it’s a Saturday nite. Beef was the only option in the menu that nite and the gravy served was watered down. Seriously, hv no idea why they voted this place as No.1. Will never go back there again.

  7. Quality has dropped to a new low.. Gravy is watery and tasteless. Satay is cold. What a dissappointment. Quality dropped everytime i visit to see whether got improvement. Will stop going there anymore. Suddenly Haji Samsuri taste a little better.


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