‘Klasik’ Satay Station @ Restoran O’din, Taman Ehsan Kepong


ANNOUNCEMENT: ‘Klasik’ Satay Station has moved to a new location at Taman Kepong Indah and is no longer operating the stall at Restoran O’din. Details here: http://www.vkeong.com/2012/02/klasik-satay-station-has-moved-to-taman-kepong-indah/

Last week, a reader suggested me to try a satay stall in Taman Ehsan Kepong called ‘Klasik’ Satay Station. For him it is the best among the famous ones in Klang Valley. After doing my own homework I found that ‘Klasik’ is still new to the satay scene and is relatively unknown in the cyberspace.
Just FYI, ‘Klasik’ did a satay blind test with their customers. The result was interesting, as it showed that 10/10 customers preferred theirs over the satay giant from Kajang aka Hj Samuri. Regardless of whether that bold claim is true or not, it was the biggest reason I dropped by to check them out last weekend.


Since ‘Klasik’ is still a new player – one year old to be exact, they are just renting a stall space in Restoran O’din. From what I was told, the boss’ sifu operates another stall in Kajang and is the original inventor of Sate Kajang. But just to be clear I am only repeating what he said so don’t take my words for it.


Besides using the best ingredients, one of the secrets in ‘Klasik’ satay lies in the oily baste. You know, the tin of oil satay sellers would dip their self made lemongrass brush into? If you look carefully it does look very different from the rest, which are usually just cooking oil.

I am pretty sure the boss has a special recipe for that and he himself has admitted to it too. But for the most obvious reasons he is not going to reveal anything, moreover to me. He just told me that it is definitely not oil but a special concoction from the old days that is rarely used nowadays.


There are three types of satay here: chicken (RM0.70), beef (RM0.70) and mutton (RM1.00). Like any satay that originates from Kajang, a separate bowl of peanut sauce and sambal are given.


    Here’s the drilldown of the (pros):

  1. Beef satay is the best among all, most tender and flavorful.
  2. Chicken satay is good but not great due to the slightly tough meat.
  3. Mutton satay is the juiciest, tastes very gamey so not for everyone.
  4. satay-kajang-klasik

  5. Both peanut sauce and sambal are not oily at all and the latter is spicy even in small amount.
  6. Really tastes better than Hj Samuri (not surprising actually) and can be considered one of the bests for me so far.
  7. Meaty and no skin or fat chunks were used for the satay. Reasonably priced.
  8. Restaurant is clean and service is good with a friendly touch.

    And now for the cons:

  1. Many burnt parts, they could have trimmed them off before serving.
  2. ikan-tiga-rasa

  3. Nothing much to eat here besides satay and the goreng goreng stuff prepared by Restoran O’din. We had some fish, chicken and vege to go with the satay.

Klasik Satay Station

I said before that Kepong is a food haven. And with the discovery of ‘Klasik’ Satay Station, that statement is even truer now. If you consider yourself a satay lover then you should not miss this.

‘Klasik’ Satay Station
Restoran O’din,
Jalan E3/12 Taman Ehsan,
Kepong, 52100
Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 13.149 E101 37.334
Business hours: Mon – Sun (6:00pm to 12am)
Tel: 017-3638 803

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  1. Is that guy wearing green t shirt you? Haha. Anyways, good to know that there’s lot of good food in Kepong. Have to head there when my in-laws are back!

  2. Satay Kajang Hj Samuri still the best for me..I drop by klasik satay station last 2 weeks..Just look at their kuah kacang already make me lost my appetite..what malay call it “kuah pucat” ..then sambal also like not properly blend & mix..I feel like munch dried chillies..

  3. Was at Hj Samuri @ Selayang Mall a couple of weeks back. Bleagh. Not ever going back. Will give this O’Din place a try! Surprisingly, the satay at the new hawker centre (near Esso in Taman Ehsan) has rather good satay too :)

  4. I’m not sure whether you’ve heard of Zaini Satay. It’s pretty good and it’s in Ampang. You should try the beef satay, it’s really good.


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