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Kolo Mee @ Hou Wong Kopitiam, Jalan Ipoh


** This stall is now operating at Restoran RDS, Wangsa Maju **

It takes a special kind of courage for a person to start a Kolo Mee stall in KL, especially when the locals are already accustomed to ‘Sarawak Noodle’ that looks and tastes nothing like any noodle that originates from Sarawak.
For those who are serious in looking for the real deal, you can actually find it at Hou Wong coffee shop along Jalan Ipoh.

Sarawak Noodle Stall

The ‘Sarawak Noodle’ stall was opened by a Sarawakian who hails from Sarikei about a month ago. Besides Kolo Mee, he also sells Sarawak Laksa, Tomyam noodle and a couple of other stuff. When I asked why he did not include Kampua Mee into his offerings, he lamented that he couldn’t find the exact noodle he wanted in KL.
We wanted to try his Sarawak Laksa as well, but unfortunately it was sold out by the time we got there. So get here early if that’s your thing. By the way, that’s my Kolo Mee pic he’s sticking on his stall, hmmm.

Jalan Ipoh Kolo Mee

From the looks of the Kolo Mee (small @ RM5) alone, we knew it won’t disappoint because it resembled what we had in Kuching. The toppings were spot on too, as the noodle is garnished with slices of red colored char siew, minced meat, onion oil and all. Not to mention, extra points for the use of ‘chicken bowl’!

Sarawak Kolo Mee KL

As for the taste test, it passed with flying colours and met our expectations. The noodle was perfectly cooked to a springy texture, tossed in a savory sauce that’s also mixed with char siew sauce for the slightly reddish appearance.
Moist but not wet, the Kolo Mee is slurp-licious and more importantly authentic tasting. The only thing we didn’t like was the bland and borderline tasteless soup.

Teh C Peng 3 Layer

All in all, the Kolo Mee here is great and should be on the list of Sarawakians working in KL yearning for a taste of home. And what better way to complete the experience than with a cup of Teh C Peng 3 layer!

Hou Wong Kopitiam Jalan Ipoh

Sarawak Noodles

Hou Wong Kopitiam
No. K-5, Batu 4 1/4
Jalan Ipoh, 51200 KL
Tel: 012-5588 817
Business hours: 7am to 3pm daily

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