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Komura Ala Carte Japanese Buffet RM98++ @ Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


Going for a Japanese Buffet nowadays could be a huge headache – there are simply too many choices and new ones are mushrooming like nobody’s business. For important celebrations and occassions I usually stick to the more reputable and established ones. And Komura Japanese Restaurant at Corus Hotel is one of them, which I chose to celebrate my birthday not long ago. Although expensive at RM98++ (easily the priciest) it was a pleasant meal overall. FYI, Komura’s buffet is of those tick-from-a-paper-menu-ala-carte style.


5 types of sashimi available for the buffet: Maguro (Tuna), Shake (Salmon), Mekajiki (Butterfish), Tako (Octopus) and Ika (Cuttlefish) The salmon slices were fresh and delicate, comparable to what I had in Munakata.



Because of that we had many servings of Salmon sashimi. Butterfish was also nice without the frozen taste.


One thing I really like about Komura is privacy. We were assigned a quiet, private room to enjoy the food with little disturbance.


Free flow of complimentary green tea.


Starters available included Hiyayakko (Cold Tofu), Ohitashi (Boiled Chinese Spinach), Edamame (Boiled Green Bean), Chuka Lidako (Baby Octopus, as shown above) and Chuka Wakame (Seasoned Seaweed)


Plenty of Nigiri Sushi here, eight types in total (Maguro, Sake, Ebi, Ika, Tobiko, Shimesaba, Tako and Mekajiki)


Unagi Kabayaki was delicious. The slices are thin but you could always order more to compensate on the portion.


They don’t stinge with the salmon for the Salmon Temaki.. chunks of salmon flesh are given. You could also choose to have California, Kyuri and Oshinko Temaki.


Very long and fleshy Ebi Tempura from the fried dishes.


A wide range of meats and seafood could be ordered for Teppanyaki. I particularly liked the U.S Sirloin Teppanyaki that was served in small tender cubes, tasted not bad at all.


But the Teppanyaki Scallop was a major let down. It is a shame because it was one of the more expensive items on the menu and it tasted really salty and oily. After the first serving we actually feedback to the to reduce the saltiness and oiliness but still, it came back tasting the same.


I liked the Tamagoyaki that arrived warm and fluffy but could taste slightly too sweet for some.


Yasai Tempura was crunchy without any oily taste, nice.


Besides Cold and Hot Soba Noodle, they also have Hot Udon on the menu.

niku dofu

Niku Dofu is a must order here but not because of the tender beef slices nor the tofu. The broth really brings out the flavor of the meat that results in a very satisfying and comforting dish.


Even the most savory sauce couldn’t save this Chicken Teriyaki. The pieces of meat just felt very tough almost like eating soft bones. I wouldn’t recommend ordering this unless you really like chewing..


Apparently you won’t go wrong with any beef-related dishes here, the Beef Yakiniku had thin slices of well marinated meat cooked to a perfect tender finish.


Most Tatsuta Age (Japanese Fried Chicken) – crispy on the outside yet juicy inside, one of the better ones I have had so far.


Komura is one of the very few Japanese Buffets that actually serve fresh cut fruits instead of just ice creams or mochi. The mangoes served were of high quality with the right ripeness hence tasted sweet and soft, very delicious.


The Green Tea Ice Cream is nothing fantastic so my recommended one goes to the Sesame Ice Cream (in background) The texture is exceptionally smooth with a very pleasant nutty taste, it easily made into my list of unforgettable desserts.


Wireless service bell in the private dining rooms, you should know what this is for.

komura japanese restaurant

Overall I find Komura to be better than the average Japanese Buffet restaurants (and they better be for the kind of price they are charging) in town. Although there are a few misses, the hits like fresh sashimi and well cooked beef are more than enough to make the dining experience a good one. Plus, the restaurant had a very authentic Japanese feel to it too. From the main entrance it feels like stepping into a Japanese village and the private rooms are like small, inviting houses. No fancy lightings or mist-effect required, heh.

Komura Japanese Restaurant (buffet on Fridays and weekends only, 6pm onwards)
Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2161 8888 ext 120/121
GPS Coordinates: N3 09.606 E101 42.904

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      • The last time I went (which was in 2006), it was quite bad. We ordered a few rounds of oysters and to our dismay, the more we order, the more the oysters seem to shrink. Anyway, the dashi was like water.

        Not sure about now though. I mean, it was 2006.


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