Nam Chau White Coffee 南洲 @ Sunway Nexis

Nam Chau White Coffee Sunway Nexis Dry Curry Mee PJ
Nam Chau White Coffee Sunway Nexis Dry Curry Mee PJ

Now that Nam Chau coffee shop has opened up a branch in Sunway Nexis, you no longer need to travel all the way to Ipoh for their dry curry mee and toasts.
To ensure the authenticity of taste, Nam Chau White Coffee is retaining the recipes for their noodles. In short, pork is served.

Nam Chau White Coffee Ipoh Dry Curry Mee

Dry Curry Mee @ RM12.90 is undoubtedly the main reason to visit Nam Chau because they are known to serve one of the best dry curry mee in Ipoh.
The rich and aromatic curry gravy is prepared exactly the same way by the proprietor, then transported to this outlet. It’s not as hot as it looks and you can definitely taste the spices being used.

Nam Chau Kopitiam Ipoh Kai See Hor Fun

The Chicken Hor Fun Soup (Kai See Hor Fun) @ RM9.90 is as good as it looks. When it arrived on our table with that glossy prawn flavored oil on top, we knew it was the real deal.

Nam Chau Kopitiam Ipoh Lam Mee

If you have been looking for a decent Northern style Lam Mee (RM10.90), you may want to give Nam Chau’s rendition a shot. It’s not perfect, as I prefer mine to have a stronger prawn flavor but it does the job. The chili paste is spot on though with the right combination of spiciness and tanginess.

Nam Chau White Coffee Telur Goyang

A variety of traditional toasts is also offered on the menu. Pictured above is their Telur Goyang @ RM5.50 which is basically a pair of soft boiled egg served on toast with margarine.
One thing that sets Nam Chau’s toast apart is the unique crumbly texture that almost melts in your mouth. Try it and you will know what I mean.

Nam Chau White Coffee Kaya Butter Toast

The Kaya Butter Toast @ RM4.50 is simply wonderful. The toast is crunchy and light, the kaya is silky smooth and they are not stingy with the butter. What’s there not to like?

Nam Chau White Coffee Hole in Heart Toast

For a more filling snack, you can opt for their signature sandwich Egg In A Hole @ RM6.90. It’s simply an egg and ham sandwich with a heart shaped hollowed out center.
Taste wise it’s exactly like how you’d imagine. Cute nevertheless and may be something you want to add to your Instagram collection.

Nam Chau White Coffee Fried Dumplings

Fried Dumplings @ RM4.90 is reasonably priced and deserves a try. In fact, the quality is similar to what you get at a good yong tau fu stall.

Nam Chau White Coffee

Nam Chau White Coffee Mix

And of course, white coffee is a must at any Ipoh-style kopitiam. Their white coffee tastes truly ‘kao’ and the serving size is significantly larger than what you get at other major kopitiam chains. They also sell the premix version which I should have bought in hindsight because I have never seen them being sold in KL other than here.

Nam Chau White Coffee Kopitiam Menu

Here’s the full menu – short and sweet. I like the fact that they are focusing on what they do best, and not trying to do everything by offering things like nasi lemak, chicken chop and ABC. Click on it to view the full size.

Nam Chau White Coffee Cafe Sunway Nexis

Nam Chau White Coffee Sunway Nexis

Nam Chau White Coffee Kota Damansara


B-GF-10, Sunway Nexis No 1
Jalan PJU S/1, Kota Damansara, 47810 PJ
Business hours: 9am – 6pm, closed on Mondays
Tel: 03-6151 1323

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