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Korean BBQ @ Little Korea Restaurant, Solaris Mon’t Kiara


I might have finally found a Korean restaurant that is able to convince me that Korean BBQ is nice. My previous dining experiences at various Korean BBQ restaurants just to name a few like Daorae and Go-Gung had been mediocre and borderline forgettable.
Little Korea at Solaris Mon’t Kiara has become the turning point for me and it was a blessing in disguise really. How so? Because we actually planned to have chicken rice at Segambut for lunch. But the plan took a drastic turn from having chicken rice to Korean BBQ because the restaurant was closed.


However, Little Korea is not a surprise stumble as a friend actually mentioned about this place before. He commented that the BBQ pork tastes like char siew and that comment of his stuck in my mind ever since. Korean BBQ that tastes like char siew? That’s new and worth trying alright. Somehow, we knew we won’t go wrong at Little Korea as it was full of Korean customers, which you won’t see of course because this photo was taken just before we left.


If you are wondering, rice, noodles, soups and dosirak (Korean’s bento equivalent) are available here but the BBQ is no doubt the most enticing one. Looking at the menu Ju Mool Luck (Rib Eye in House Marinated Sauce) @ RM68 looks pretty darn awesome so this was my pick. Although the portion looks small, the amount of meat is actually quite a lot after you spread them out on the grilling pan.


Dae Ji Wang Gal Bi (Pork Spare Ribs in House Marinated Sauce) @ RM30 has a much larger portion though.


There is nothing to fault on the Korean Scallion Pancake‘s taste (RM25) but it could have been much more delicious if it was crispier. Well, that’s just me though.


The marbling on the rib eye is excellent as you can see, well worth the price paid. Besides the normal side dishes with unlimited refills, we are also given a steamed egg and kimchi soup. I don’t have too much love for kimchi but the steamed egg was really good.


Anyway, you won’t have to cook the meats yourself as the waiters will do that for you. I am guessing they don’t want the customers to over or undercook them. Also, you have a choice to have the meats grilled in front of you, or they can also do it in the kitchen for you. We of course chose to have it done in front of us lah.


Fresh lettuce to wrap the BBQ meats.


Both the rib eye and spare ribs are delicious thanks to the brilliant marinade. Even though the marinade’s flavor is sweet and strong, it doesn’t really overshadow the meats’ original flavor. In fact they complement each other so well the flavors literally bursts in your mouth after you bite into them, very nice. As for the spare ribs, they do taste like char siew after being cooked.


In all, Little Korea is a recommended restaurant for Korean BBQ. Based on the food we had, I think you will hardly go wrong with them.

Little Korea Korean Restaurant
5-3 7-3 9-3, Jalan Solaris One
Solaris Mon’t Kiara, KL
GPS Coordinates: N3 10.448 E101 39.607
Tel: 03-6203 7217
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