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Shinmapo Korean BBQ (Mapo Galmaegi) @ SS15 Courtyard


Shinmapo (Mapo Galmaegi) is the latest Korean BBQ restaurant chain to open in Malaysia. For their first outlet, they have chosen to open at SS15 Courtyard with subsequent outlets soon to open at The Gardens Mall and Empire Damansara. We were invited for a food tasting last weekend before their grand opening on the 3rd of August.

Shinmapo Korean BBQ Salad & Kimchi

What makes Shinmapo stand out from the existing Korean BBQ joints in town is that they serve Galmaegisal. Galmaegisal, also known as pork skirt meat is a premium cut that’s only found between the ribs and belly of the pig. Due to its small yield (200-250gm per pig), it’s rare and highly prized as well. Taste and texture wise, it’s similar to Korean beef which also contribute to the popularity.

Shinmapo BBQ Pork Meat

Pork Skin

Shinmapo Seafood & Pineapple

Shinmapo’s Ultimate Set @ RM128 is suitable to share among 2-4 pax. It includes 200g of Galmaegisal, 200g of pork belly, 200g of marinated pork collar, marinated pork skin, Kimchi egg crust and Military Stew. As you’d have expected, the side dishes are refillable. All of them are great and we liked the kimchi and salad the most.

Shinmapo Korean BBQ

The first meat recommended to go on the grill is pork belly because it’s not marinated. Then followed by the pork collar, Galmaegisal, seafood and pork skin last. There are a couple of dipping sauces given but I think the original (mixed with green chili pepper and onion) was the best one and goes with everything.
As for the highly anticipated Galmaegisal, all I can say is that they spicy version is hella delicious and meets the hype. When cooked properly, it will be tender and juicy despite being lean. The flavor is robust and incredibly satisfying too.
This would be the first time we are BBQ-ing pork skin and safe to say it’s not for everyone. It has a jelly-like texture and you’d be dipping them in soybean powder for that rich and nutty taste. Personally, I found it to be alright but some of my dining companions didn’t quite like it.

Shinmapo Korean Military Soup

The Military Stew is an interesting one. It’s a spicy and savory comfort food which combines kimchi, spam (luncheon meat) and sausages. What you get here is a dumbed down version though. Those you get in Korea definitely do not come with ‘cili padi’ and they are loaded with a lot more ingredients like cheese, noodle and other vegetables.

Shinmapo Korean Sushi Rice

Shinmapo Mixing Korean Sushi Rice

Shinmapo Frying Korean Volcano Rice

If you feel like having rice, you can choose to add-on Korean Sushi rice ball (Fist Rice) @ RM22 or Volcano Fried Rice @ RM25. I thought they were just OK and act more as a filler if you are not full after having the ultimate set. That said, they do offer a lot of fun and entertainment value and could be memorable.

Shinmapo Mapo Galmaegi SS15

Overall, Shinmapo’s Galmaegisal alone is worth coming for and do get the spicy one if possible. The grilled egg on the side is also an added incentive for new customers to drop by – mainly because it’s not a common thing in KL yet.
From what I see on their Facebook page currently, they are currently overwhelmed with walk-in customers. So, booking is HIGHLY ADVISED to avoid any displeasure and disappointment.

Shinmapo SS15 Courtyard

Shinmapo Korean BBQ

G-07 Ground Floor SS15 COURTYARD
Jalan SS15/4G, 47500 Subang Jaya
Business hours: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 11.30pm
Tel: 03-8601 3722

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