Kung Lee Sugarcane Juice & Pudding @ SOHO Central, Hong Kong

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When sugarcane is mentioned we usually think of its juice and how great it would be to have an ice cold cuppa to quench that thirst during hot days. But have you heard, seen or even eaten sugarcane pudding in Malaysia? I guess not – which is why we hunted for this unique dessert in our last trip to Hong Kong. Our destination was Kung Lee, a half-decade old shop that has been churning out fresh sugarcane juice, pudding and herbal jelly at Hollywood Road, Central since 1948.


If you ask me, the sugarcane juice here tastes no different compared to those sold by Malaysian hawkers. It has the same grassy flavor, freshly squeezed and contains no additional sugar.


The sugarcane pudding @ $12 on the other hand is quite interesting. You would have expected it to have a gelatinous, jelly like texture judging by its appearance. But the pudding’s body, mainly made from sugarcane juice is actually quite dense, almost cake like with a slightly chewy sensation. That being said, this is a delicious and cheap treat alright. And since it is much less sweeter than the juice version, I suggest trying the pudding first or else it could taste bland in comparison.



Kung Lee’s sugarcane pudding is definitely worth a try if you happen to be nearby. Hong Kong is not all about dim sum, Wonton noodle and tong sui only you know?

Kung Lee 公利真料竹蔗水
G/F, 60 Hollywood Road,
SOHO Central, Hong Kong

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