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La Cafe Memoire – Coffee & Tea Pairing Desserts @ TTDI


Update: La Cafe Memoire is no longer operating at TTDI, they have shifted to Damansara Kim

Only barely a month in business, La Cafe Memoire is one of the latest café to grace the TTDI neighborhood. Surprisingly, coffee is not their main focus and that is something I am actually glad for.


A lot of personal effort was put into setting up the place, as the team of owners spent 2 months doing the renovation work and even built the furniture themselves by recycling wooden pallets. The same personal touch is evident in all the café’s offerings as well. Instead of hiring help and sourcing from third parties, all the food and desserts served on the menu are prepared from scratch by the aforementioned team of young chefs and pastry chefs.


Hot food is available to cater to the lunch and dinner crowd at affordable and reasonable price tags. The Bacon with Mushroom Fettuccine @ RM14 is a steal for its price at this neighbourhood, even more so considering the pasta is hand made in house. Don’t be fooled by its seemingly small portion, this rich and creamy carbonara-ish pasta will fill you up.

Mojito & Coffee

The coffee here still needs some work so as interesting as it sounds, I feel the frothy Caffe Shakerato @ RM7 is skippable despite being a featured item. It is basically a shaken concoction of espresso, sugar and ice – sometimes with alcohol included as well. I’d highly recommend trying the Lime & Sour Plum Mojito @ RM14 instead. The idea of this cocktail came from “kat zhai shuen mui”, a popular drink to order at coffee shops because of its thirst-quenching and refreshing taste. Compared to other mojitos I’ve had, the rendition here has a lower alcohol content for a more citrusy flavour. Just the thing to sip on a hot day.

Fruit Tarts

Then you’re spoilt for choice with a selection of creative and delectable pastries and cakes. Of the few that I tried, they were all delicious and my favorite tart was the unassuming-looking passion fruit yogurt tart @ RM10. The top layer of the tart is made with real passion fruit flesh so the sweet and sour flavour is quite intense, in a natural way. Having one of these will definitely make you pucker in delight.


These berry shaped buns are more than meets the eyes. Raspberries are mixed into the dough for a chewier texture and each bite was filled with cheese and sweet raspberry filling. RM5.50 for a pair.


Chocolate lovers should probably try the chocolate souffle here @ RM15 which is made using premium Valrhona chocolate, a luxurious French brand known for its quality and sophisticated aroma. The souffle was decadent, moist and rich as though you’re biting into a cloud made of chocolate. It is served with a spoonful of raspberry sorbet for a touch of tartness.


But in the end, it was the Nutty Bacon Sundae @ RM11 that truly impressed me. Who knew bacon could work so well when used in a dessert? This cool looking treat is a perfect collision of salty and sweet from the vanilla ice cream, refreshing calamansi sorbet and crunchy caramelized mixed nuts – so good I would return just for it.

La Cafe Memoire TTDI

Based on my visit, I think La Cafe Memoire is a well-rounded cafe and it has something for everyone for any occassion. Although the only coffee I had failed to impress, the delicious pastries and desserts did more than made up and could very well be their main forte.

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La Cafe Memoire – Coffee & Tea Pairing Desserts
7A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Business hours: Tue to Thur & Sunday (9am to 11pm), Friday & Saturday (9am to 12am), Closed on Mondays

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