Lamb Curry with Rice @ Kluang Station, Ikano Power Center


Was doing some shopping alone at Ikano Power Center not long ago and settled for a quick lunch at Kluang Station. Of course, I did some homework (looking at what other bloggers’ reviews) before that, just to know what’s good and bad.
Apparently the Hainanese Chicken Chop was one of the popular items. But, I didn’t order it because it was widely panned for its not-so-traditional Hainanese style and mediocre taste. Do you see the influence of food blogs now? If what they said is true then I’ve just saved myself from a disappointing meal. But, if the critics are wrong then I would have missed out on a good chicken chop.


Anyway a cup of hot Kluang coffee @ RM2.60 was a must have for me, simply because it was one of the reasons I visited Kluang Station – to try the much talked about coffee. Wouldn’t it be weird not to order coffee here for your first visit? It’s like not ordering white coffee for your first trip to Ipoh, lol. I don’t know how similar it is to the authentic Kluang coffee.. it tasted just like normal coffee I could get in any local coffee shops. But, I would certainly want to visit Kluang one day and try the real stuff.


Scanning through the menu with the Hainanese Chicken Chop being ignored on purpose, I found a rather interesting dish – Lamb Curry with Rice @ RM8.90. Being a sucker for lamb curry, I placed an order for it immediately.


As you can see it also comes with a fried egg and some salad. Taste wise it was pretty good, with the lamb curry cooked the way I liked it – thick and spicy. Watery lamb curry is just a no-no for me. How I wished they could be more generous on the curry gravy to make the meal more satisfactory for me. Hey, not liking watery curry doesn’t mean I couldn’t have more gravy right, lol.


I had to wait for the people who were seating in front of the Kluang Station sign board to leave before I could take this photo, lol.


So tell me have you tried the Hainanese Chicken Chop before? Do you like it from a non food-blogger’s point of view? Because I noticed that out of 5 tables, at least 3 of them have had a plate. This shows its popularity despite the not so favorable reviews. By the way, Kluang Station does not charge service charges unlike the other kopitiams too. A good thing I would say.

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  1. Haha…..I can do that also.
    The banana leaf is too small and they do not use Thai AAA grade rice.
    Anyway, Thanks for the post.

    vk: yeah, and they didn’t even provide a full onion wtf! look at those chilies, not cut properly also! LOLz

  2. hmm…the lamb curry is better than the one at cyberjaya food court? neh…the RM4.50 set from the right most indian stall…

    the egg and salad reminds me of Padi food…which also cost around RM8.90 per plate…haha

    maybe i miss cyberjaya food already…

    kokweng’s last blog post..Lyall Bay, Wellington

  3. i like the kluang station chicken chop,,i like the crispyness of the deep freid chicken,,and thinks tht the baked beans goes very well with the entire dish,,a malaysian western fix


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