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Las Vacas @ Glo Damansara (50% off with Eatigo)


When it comes to steak restaurants in KL, Las Vacas is one of the more successful ones. The fact that they have grown to four branches and are still around after 10 years is a testament to them doing something right.
And that ‘something’? I think it’s serving what the customers ask for: affordable and decent steaks.


A satisfying meal of steak will not bust your budget if you are a well-informed consumer. The regular price for a 200g Australian grass fed ribeye at Las Vacas is RM60. But if you made a reservation with Eatigo prior to coming, you could enjoy 50% discount on the food. That means the same ribeye steak will now cost you RM30 instead.
In fact, a home cooked ribeye steak dinner would have cost you the same if you bought the meat at the supermarket – minus all the prepping, cooking and cleaning up.


I requested it to be cooked medium rare and it was delivered just as ordered. By default, the steaks at Las Vacas are seasoned with salt and pepper to keep the flavor of the meat prominent.
For an extra depth of flavor, gravy is available at RM6 (RM3 @ 50% off) which comes in a big bowl. It’s enough to coat a couple of steaks so one serving is probably more than enough to share among 2-3 people.


The Lamb Shoulder, 3pcs @ RM33 (NP: RM66) was slightly overcooked but still meaty and delicious, especially when paired with their black pepper gravy.


If you like IKEA’s meatballs, I guess the Italian Beef Ball @ RM 9 (NP: RM18) would be equally appealing. But of course, Las Vacas’ beef meatballs are definitely tastier and beefier with real meat-like texture, not to mention the delectable marinara sauce.


In total, we spent less than RM90 for this meal which was also inclusive of drinks. The total savings we got through Eatigo was RM75 which is a significant sum of money.
So before you head out for a meal next time, make a quick check if it’s listed on Eatigo. Who knows, you may also discover another new place to eat while at it.

Las Vacas

G.19, Ground Level, Glo Damansara
Hours: 10am – 10pm
Tel: 03-7732 3677

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