Lewisgene Espresso @ Solaris Mont Kiara, KL

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Lewisgene was one of the earlier cafes to enter the industry, way before we were hit by the wave of cafes mushrooming around the city. At that time, I think the activity of “café hopping” was still unheard of.
They are perhaps even more well known for their barista’s talent in coffee art. There is something therapeutic about the sight of a cuppa with nice latte art. It makes you feel good and as a result, the coffee tastes better, even if it’s just your mind telling you that.


Among the dozen types of coffee and tea offered (they have three menu boards just to display them) here, the caffe mocha @ RM12.90 is more popular than the rest for a good reason. It is undeniably cool looking for sporting an elegant and symmetrical design of a spider web. This drink was reputed to propel Lewisgene into stardom and now everyone wants a cup for themselves.


A cappuccino here goes for RM11.90, that’s about RM2-3 above the market’s median price. Again the coffee art was perfect and left an impression on us. Taste wise however, it was alright I guess – nothing special.


Coffee aside there’s quite a number of food available such as breakfast sets, sandwich, salad, waffles and not to mention the various cakes in the display chiller cabinet. From what I saw everything looked good (at least on the surface) especially the waffles. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and there was such an air of happiness in the room.



The alfresco area and the view across the road. Popular with the working crowd nearby, this coffee house gets full fast (and most of them don’t leave quick too) so it’s always a good idea to be early to secure a table of your choice.






Lewisgene Cafe Solaris Mont Kiara




LewisGene | Espresso, Tea & Machines
Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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