LG Home Chef Championship 2013 – Fly to South Africa with your own Creative Recipe

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If you have been cooking at home with a microwave oven, I bet you already have a list of ready-recipes to prepare delicious meals. So why not submit one of your creative recipes to the LG Home Chef Championship (LGHCC) and you could win awesome prizes?
The top 5 submissions will each win a brand spanking new Charcoal Lighting Heater Microwave Oven and the winner will represent Malaysia at the international finals at Cape Town, South Africa on 4 December 2013!
LGHCC is the first and sole amateur chefs contest sponsored by LG that is endorsed by renowned organisations such as the World Association of Chefs Societies and Le Cordon Bleu. It aims to support amateur chefs in performing their culinary skills and experiencing other country’s food culture and cuisines, as well as promoting the importance of home cooking with LG Solar Convection.

LG microwave oven

That being said, it is no wonder that the recipes submitted must also be cooked using LG’s microwave oven. Not to worry though, because each finalist will be given the Charcoal Lighting Heater Microwave Oven to trial and perfect their recipes in the comfort of their homes prior to the cook-out.
The cook-out will be held on 13 November at Giant Hypermarket’s USJ outlet in Subang Jaya, where the panel of judges also include yours truly. For your information, the recipes submitted will be judged according to

  1. Creativity and presentation
  2. Ease of preparation
  3. Nutritional values, and
  4. How it reflect Malaysia’s characteristics

LG Home Chef Championship 2013

As long as you are a Malaysian aged 20 and above with a valid passport and your profession is not related to the food services industry, you are eligible to participate in the LGHCC cooking competition. Honestly speaking, this is one of the easiest cooking competition ever there’s simply no reason to miss this.
So click on the image above or log on to http://www.lg.com/LGHCC to register and submit your recipe. You could also find more info about the microwave oven’s functions and terms and conditions of the championship at the website too.

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