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Liang Li Grilled Fish (良礼烧鱼) @ Pandamaran, Klang


Liang Li Grilled Fish (良礼烧鱼) is a stall in Pandamaran, Klang that has been operated by a friendly uncle for more than 30 years.
To ensure the quality of the seafood, he gets his supply of seafood from a seafood supplier in Klang who delivers the seafood to his stall fresh daily.


Uncle grills the seafood with care and constantly replaces the banana leaves to ensure they don’t burn and taste dry. All the sauces used are homemade and if you are a fan of spicy food then you will love his green sambal dipping sauce. It’s no kidding spicy and will leave your lips numb.


The selection of seafood varies daily and if you are lucky you will get crab and cockles too. Certain seafood like lala is not available because it’s hard to get fresh ones nowadays.
Prices are subject to change according to market price (will increase due to Chinese New Year and other major festivals) but safe to say you can enjoy a satisfying Chinese-style ikan bakar meal (with rice) for two around RM30.


Among the three types of fish we had, the cencaru (no pic) was the most delicious despite being the cheapest option. The natural flavor and sweetness of the flesh really shines compared to the rest especially stingray. If you are here, I would recommend ordering the cencaru/selar first, then only try the rest.


As for the sotong, it’s basically cooked with a mixture of curry powder and his homemade sambal which gives it a nice belacan flavor. The sauce is simply delicious and best enjoyed with rice.


General menu:
Cencaru / 硬尾鱼(推荐): RM8 – RM10
Stingray / 魔鬼鱼(蒲鱼): RM18
Senangin /午鱼: RM20
Sotong / 苏东 (250g): RM18
Ikan Batu / 石头鱼: RM25


良礼烧鱼 Liang Li Grilled Fish

Restoran 168, Jalan Chan Ah Choo, Pandamaran, Klang
Tel: 017-395 6257 / 017-347 3367
Hours: 5pm – 11pm (closed Tuesday)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/良礼烧鱼-Port-Klang-Temple-Ikan-Bakar-1474161469502717

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