Lok Lok Food On Stick Restaurant @ New World Park

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When you think about Lok Lok, usually it’s a van surrounded with food skewered on sticks, pots of boiling water and many types of sauce right? Well someone decided to take the idea a step further by opening a Lok Lok restaurant in New World Park.


If you don’t know already, New World Park is a combination of hawker centre, fine dining and flea market located in Swatow Lane. Bak Kut Teh King, 600cc, Shanghai Ding, Oldtown Kopitiam are only a few of the many restaurants residing in New World Park.


You could opt for ala carte or set dinner. For RM10, each person will be served with ten sticks of lok lok and get to pick a noodle. Because they were having a promotion, we were given three extra sticks and bottomless soup of our choice. As you can see the portion for each stick is not too big, and they are mostly cheap stuff lol. So if you want nicer food you gotta opt for the more expensive sets.


Our choice of soup: Tomyam and spinach soup. The spinach soup was definitely loaded with lots of MSG! I had Chinese Restaurant Syndrome shortly after the meal.


Our cure for the night, soya milk and white coffee. But I still felt thirsty as hell from the spinach soup.


Lok Lok Restaurant is very proud of their own homemade sauce. They make it specically for you to dip the lok lok or to mix with cooked noodles. Ever tried satay sauce noodles? Well it’s not that bad actually.. And they even have Sarawak kolo mee, it’s the thinner one behind.


Overall the food was ok and quite filling even though the portions look little. There was a particular waiter who went around asking for opinions whom I think should be one of the boss. He was polite and perhaps waaaay too polite. It appeared very fake to me and a bit scary too. Well Lok Lok should just remain as a street hawker food, it was meant to be that way. For a nicer review please read Xiao Wei’s Lok Lok experience.

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