Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow


At post time, I am seriously craving for Char Koay Teow. And although Lorong Selamat‘s Char Koay Teow is expensive for Penang’s standards, I would gladly pay RM10 or even more just to have a plate right here right now.
See the price tag, it’s RM5.50 for the smallest plate. That’s almost double the normal price. I am not sure if the price has gone up after the petrol hike. But, I hope not. By the way, this is just a rant post because I couldn’t get my hands on any good Char Koay Teow here yet.


I guess this stall is famous enough so I’d just skip the introductions and location map of Lorong Selamat. Yeah she’s notorious for being arrogant, ignores your special requests and you even have to queue up for her Char Koay Teow (self service).


One may argue there are many other Char Koay Teow stalls which are better, cheaper and friendlier than this one. But there’s no doubt her Char Koay Teow is one of the best in Penang. The extra large prawns that drive everyone’s attention, the fragrance and deliciousness from the plenty of wok hei are certainly not something easily found at my current area.


One unconfirmed story was that her stall was attacked with a brick from one of her unhappy customers. After that incident, the auntie was said to have improved her attitude towards customers. Any of you have insider stories to share?

Kafe Heng Huat
108, Lorong Selamat
Open 11.30am to 6pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
GPS Coordinates: N5 25.026 E100 19.477

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  1. i still say Sisters is better.

    Since the last rude behavior from Lorong Selamat, i never go back. What’s the point!!

    vk: oh, too bad. let’s hope her attitude gets better yeah

  2. I think you can equally find all the char Koay Teow in Penang tastes nice. I hardly try bad char koay teow in any Penang hawker stalls?
    You guys think so?

    vk: You’re right. It’s hard to find BAD char koay teow in Penang

  3. I hear she’s still pretty stuck up! I think attitude first, then taste! I won’t part with top ringgit to be treated with any less than plain respect!

    vk: Hey you know there’s a chili pan mee in KL which the boss’ attitude is much much worse than her? Still full house every day!!

  4. i have never encountered her being rude so I guess I’m lucky. but i normally take the CKT at P.Tikus market in the evenings. the sound of ah leng’s is good too… should try it when i’m next in town.

    vk: Yeah Ah Leng has big prawns and not that expensive and arrogant. But, I feel the koay teow’s taste is not as good as sisters/lorong selamat one though. Just my 2 cents

  5. serious? still rmb the aunty being super babai haha

    vk: I dunno lor, I heard it from a friend. But, since she has moved to a new place just down the road, I think you don’t have to queue for her CKT already

  6. I agree that attitude comes before taste. If you are treated badly, it just spoils your mood and the food will somehow won’t taste as good when you are in “flames”!! Haha..

    vk: Hmm, so far she didn’t treat me badly, so the food is still good for me lol

  7. I’m kinda agree with them… what’s the point to pay but have to bear with the attitude?

    vk: lol it’s easy for them to say because they have access to unlimited good char koay teows around them. Me? I have NONE lol. I would gladly bear the attitude if I can have a plate now haha

  8. Hahaha not only them la. A lot more lansi hawker stalls in Penang. Actually CKT is about big prawns or wok hei or the taste? I did think the prawn size is the least that matters for ckt tho.

  9. No point to visit the bad attitude hawker, the face is “black black”…like we ” khiam e chi pa ban” face…we got a lot of yummy ckt in penang not only Lorong Selamat lah..

    vk: yeah I know.. the same ol’ Pulau Tikus everyone has been telling me about.. I still prefer my BM’s duck egg char koay teow

  10. I think that Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow is overrated….
    Overcharging by so much….
    I can get better ones for RM3 and extra prawns for RM5….

    vk: Don’t think it’s overrated, just overpriced for Penang standards

  11. This auntie is notorious for her rusty face. Actually I knew her char koay teow is quite good since 2000, but decided to shun her stall for this reason.

    There is a famous fried mee ah pek in my neighbouring kampong also very arrogant. He offended a mafia head one day. The mafia head threw sand on his wok and also asked ah pek to compensate him “ang pau” for losing face.

    Ah Pek complied and changed his attitude after the incident.

    nkkhoo’s last blog post..Non-Muslim bumis are being discriminated too

  12. Sister chay-koay-teow is good. She’s very busy with her cooking. That’s why make her looks rude. But RM 6.00 for a plate of char-koay-teow is too expensive.

    vk: I agree it’s expensive for Penang. But I would gladly pay RM6 for a plate of CKT which taste as good as hers… the CKT at KL really not up to par

  13. aku rasa char keow teow kampung pantai dalam lagi best.udang besar 4 ekor.jom la rasa .aku belanja ha!!ha!!!ha!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I agree that they don’t show any smiling face to customers, but never have been rudely treated by them.

    The price is too expensive, but I still like her CKT best.
    Sisters’ are suck… When I visited there, they cooked 4 portions in one shot.
    Then how to be nice? Soooo disapointed.

  15. lols! big prawns in a plate of ckt just to show how luxurious is it? seriously,i never think big prawns can improve the taste of ckt and furthermore,i hate that those hawkers charged us high price(4-8 or even more than that) with adding 1 or 2 big prawns.i know some may say that delicious food is deserved a good price.but,think again,a nice food is food should be taste nice and relatively affordable for people,rite?
    about attitude,i just hope he/she dun forget my orders and serve with accordingly. i damn hate those stalls and restaurants which serve other who came later and order later.
    after all,ppl keep blowing that penang island ckt is best. ok,i agree the taste is nice. but if consider price and taste,overall,i prefer BM ckts. 1 is that duck egg ckt(which mentioned by vk).however,i personally feel that its abit high cholesterol,but once in a time is ok la.
    another 1,i think not many heard b4.but its really nice. Its banana leaf CKT from Berapit. it taste nice and cheap.
    about how nice,i not really know how to describe(i m not as pro as vk yet.lols),but i can sure it’s aroma with banana leaf will wit ur appetite. =p

    just some comments and i hope its not irritating.i apologise if there is anything wrong.

    • hehe I am glad you mentioned the duck egg CKT. it is one of the most under-rated CKT in Penang. When people talk about Penang CKT they always think of the island only, not knowing that the mainland side has a lot to offer too

  16. im home grown penangkia, now working in KL.
    craving for CKT everytime, but this i boycott.
    have you seen ppl Q ing up juz bcuz they dun bother to deliver to the table?
    it’s ok if customers willing to pay or queue up,
    but not at the expense of lousy service,
    when all i wanted to ask was y do we need to queue,
    she juz answered, dont eat if you dont want to queue ….
    seriously, if looking for equal if not better CKT,
    Batu Lancang market has nice CKT also…. at half the price, double the friendlyness.

  17. the foods are just normal. I paid RM7 for normal char keow teow. Just that the prawns are big, thats all. Nothing special at all. All the service is extremely baddddd. I will never go there again!

  18. Yup, we went there and ignorantly ordered the char koay teow. We were then blatantly told off rudely that they won’t carry the plates to you and you have to queue up yourself. Had I known the attitude earlier, I would not come.

    But I have to admit the CKT was good but it is just too expensive.

  19. All should boycott the Lorong Selamat CKT. Why should we support them when they are so rude. They must remember we are their paying customers!!! We should take our business elsewhere.

  20. Very Rude shop, I rather not go to again. Rumours going on their prawns has dangerous preservatives in it. Not sure true or not but I obviously will avoid the shop like plague.

  21. i thought klites have no taste. but penangites apparently going to be the same as well. our world is becoming smaller and smaller due to our expansion of our world only based on bloggers and net reviews on the internet. sad. turn off the computer and explore your world humans. and by the way, the best ckt is in kelantan. superb aunty ckt lrg papah.

  22. Went there once before with my friend from out of town, sing he’s a very big “spicy food” eater, he asked me to order for him so I did…

    When I ordered, I told her to add more chili. The stupid auntie there said “OK, I will put more and more chili for you, let you eat till you die” (translated from hokkien).

    That was t…he last time I ever went there to eat at the stupid fella’s plaec. Never again will I eat there!

  23. i have never tasted the ckt. but imho, nothing will taste good when u ar fuming. well, big prawns mean nothing judging from the prices they charge. if big prawns are what u r after, go to seafood restaurant. i blieve that no one is to pay for insult, only cheapskates..

  24. Yeah, boycott! Read today’s Star – 23 September 2010. Reader’s letter titled “Boycott arrogant hawker”. Why pay to be insulted? We Penangites have this saying: “so eow kui-meh?”

  25. i have boycotted this arrogant and stupid two-bit char koay teow seller from lorong selamat, penang, ages ago. imagine, i ordered a plate, they gave me two, i told them only one, they took back both plates. and the woman was boasting aloud, “why ah so many people like my koay teow.” stuff it down her throat.

  26. I still remember that day we take a plate and queue about half an hour to get. I think this is the worse experienced since i had a plate of CKT at this stall, or i can said the CKT that we had is “bui chek quat lok”(in cantonese). She just don’t give a damn attention on us, treat us like we are begging her for her CKT…..WT……..(feel like want to smash the plate on her face and go off).
    Well, in her shoes i might think that maybe the heat drive her carzy…. but “crazy” until that stage is a bit “Over”, Man we are pay for the food, somemore RM 6.00 above a plate…
    With that kind of attitude, hmmm, i 放长双眼看how is her business will going to be…

  27. advice from local penang kia —

    weekends n holidays don go. quality bad, usually chow tar as too many ppl she can’t cope or don care.

    go normal week days, not school holidays, the taste totally different. the wok hei is actually the one of the best around. if u do get the right timing, the RM 6.50 or RM 7 is worth it. savour it.

    but for me, I’ll be the next person to throw another brick at her, perhaps a molotov cocktail. she’s just too much, i can’t bear.

    btw she goes to bangkok every year to pay homage n donate to temples. filthy rich bitch, this.

  28. Imagine the helper fried the CKT instead of the arrogant auntie, i don’t mind waiting even 45min, so i went back there again the next day, i told her right away that she has to fry it & don’t mind waiting, her reply was ‘ i can don’t fry for you if i don’t want to’, what kind of shit attitude!!


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