“Loy Key” Restaurant

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“Loy Key” �?�记 is one of my family’s favorite restaurant in Bukit Mertajam. We would eat here once a month in the weekends. “Loy Key” should be quite well known among Bukit Mertajam people because it was one of the largest air-conditioned restaurants in the 90s. They used to sell dim sum in the morning but since relocating from Jalan Kulim to a smaller place, only Chinese course meals are available.

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Most of the time we would order their “Five Seasons” 冷盘, a dish which is made up of five different dishes. It is also one of the 8 dishes served in most Chinese wedding dinners, usually served first and followed by sharks fin soup. We customized our “Five Seasons” to have (in clockwise order) Guineness Stout Pork Ribs 黑狗排骨, Special Taufu 招牌豆�?, Belacan Asparagus, Fried Spring Rolls and Fried Egg with Sharks Fin 鱼翅炒蛋. All tasted great, especially the taufu and egg :)

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We also ordered a teo-chew style steamed fish, I am not sure what was the name of the fish but it’s 红皂 in Chinese. Our bill came close to RM91 inclusive of drinks, with “Five Seasons” at RM45 and the fish at RM26 (quite expensive, but it was very fresh) As desserts, pandan jellies or cut fruits are served FOC as for all guests.

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