Mango Aloha Mango Desserts @ Mid Valley Megamall, KL

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Attention mango lovers, you can now get your fix of this sweet and juicy fruit at Mango Aloha, a newly opened dessert cafe at Mid Valley Megamall. The team behind Mango Aloha prides themselves on using only all fresh, all natural and homemade ingredients for their delectable mango desserts.

Mango Aloha Classic Sticky Rice

When mango is mentioned we automatically think about Mango Sticky Rice, so it would be a crime if it’s not available on Mango Aloha’s menu. The Classic Mango Sticky Rice @ RM12.50 features half a perfectly ripened mango, cubed into bite sized pieces for your eating convenience.
The sticky rice is served warm just like it’s meant to be with a light drizzle of coconut cream. If you like your sticky rice sweeter, just ask for more coconut cream.

Mango Aloha Sweet Thai Mango

Even though the mango’s (premium grade, imported from Thailand) skin was still green, the flesh inside was sweet and tangy, succulent with a rich golden yellow colour.

Mango Aloha Mango Pudding

For something that’s mangoes, and mangoes only, try the Mango Pudding @ RM8.50. The pudding is not as silky and bouncy as the rivals’ but it might not be entirely a bad thing – because the fibrous texture means it has more mango in it, which also translates to a better bang for your buck.

Mango Aloha All Sweet and Sago

The presentation of the All Sweet & Sago @ RM8.50 is a tad underwhelming but we were willing to overlook that, as the generous portion could be shared between two or more.
One thing you need to note about this is that it’s served semi-cold so if you’re craving for something really cooling then this might not be ideal. My suggestion? Get the smoothie instead.

Mango Aloha Ice Cream Sago and Fruits

Besides serving the mango fresh and in pudding, it’s also available in ice cream form. Like the pudding, Mango Aloha’s mango ice cream also a stringy-fibrous texture due to the high concentration of mango pulp.
Personally, I think this will not satisfy those looking for a smooth and creamy taste. But at least it has full and real mango flavor and does not melt easily. Shown above is the Ice Cream, Sago & Fruit @ RM12.50 made up of a scoop mango ice cream, milk sago and mixed fruits.

Mango Orange Smoothie

The fruit smoothies are priced at RM12 each and you could pick any two from mango, watermelon, orange, carrot, banana and honeydew to make your own. Our mango + orange smoothie was delicious and it lasted us until dinner.

Mango Aloha Menu

Here’s their menu: click on it for the high resolution version.

Mango Aloha Mid Valley KL

Based on what we had, I believe Mango Aloha will continue to do well with their offerings of honest and affordable desserts. However, in order to do better, they will need to refine the presentation of certain items to satisfy the Instagram generation.

Mango Aloha (in front of Forever 21)
Lot FK-12, 1st Floor, Mid Valley Megamall
Tel: 03-2201 4908
Business hours: 10am – 10pm

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