Mantis Shrimp Village Seafood Restaurant @ Bukit Tambun


Mantis Shrimp Village is a newer seafood restaurant to open in Bukit Tambun. It is located just beside the toll plaza exiting Bukit Tambun to Juru and one of the first few restaurants you would see. This big restaurant has a sign board so huge you just wouldn’t miss it. Anyway I have heard people say that the deeper you go into Bukit Tambun, the more expensive the seafood would be. This post will prove that statement wrong!

salted egg yolk crabs

Usually we would order sweet sour or curry for crabs. But since this is a new establishment, we asked for their recommendation and took it – salted egg yolk crabs @ RM32. This dish is priced according to the combined weight of the crabs being ordered. Shown here is the portion of two crabs. They might not look a lot due to the way they are arranged lol. I must say this is the nicest dish of the meal. Dried chilli and curry leaves are also used in preparing the dish. Combined with the taste of salted egg yolks, it was great!

steamed stingray

Another great recommendation was the Baba style steamed stingray (phek kia) @ RM16. The gravy is spicy and sourish, best taken with rice. I realised I already finished half a plate of my rice just seconds after the fish arrived. Very recommended, ask for it!

oyster omelette

Then there’s the compulsory dish in a seafood meal – oyster omelette @ RM10. It may seem that there aren’t too many oysters given, that’s right. But what lacks in quantity is made up for in quality and size. I have eaten some big juicy oysters that are as big as my thumb!

butter prawns

Butter prawns @ RM15, it was nice but was nothing great to write home about. A popular prawn dish in Mantis Shrimp Village would be Hawaiian prawn, which is prepared in sweet sour sauce and served in a pineapple boat. Carlsberg mantis shrimp is their signature dish and you really should try it! I had both dishes the last time I was here and I can remember how nice it was, so sweet and fresh. Too bad they only had the bigger variety of mantis shrimp which costs a whopping RM80 a kilogram. LOL that’s too expensive for us, the smaller ones only cost RM5 per shrimp.


Also, try their fried glass noodles @ RM4 for a change if you are not in the mood for rice, it’s pretty good.


Lastly you should also try the dragon fruit juice @ RM12 per jug. It’s a refreshing change from the usual apple or orange juice. The total damage was RM111 (what a figure) including a large beer. Expensive? I don’t think so. It’s at least reasonable if not cheap.

Mantis Shrimp Village contact:

Tel: 04-5883351
H/P: 012-5075767, 012-4010038

TBP 2504, Jalan Bukit Tambun, 14100 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang

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  1. Wow, red dragon fruit juice. I wonder how many they used. 1 biji ady cost RM5 at least for a decent sized wan. Cheap la wei.

    RM111 minus beer about RM25 pretty reasonable.

    You eat so much and yet din grow horizontally…

    aiyoh better leave…its midnight and my stomach is making noise!

  2. Hi LM Chong, sorry to tell you I do not have the contact number for Prawn Village

    However if you are interested in Mantis Shrimp Village, this is their number

    Tel: 04-5883351
    H/P: 012-5075767, 012-4010038

    TBP 2504, Jalan Bukit Tambun, 14100 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang

  3. wooo…oh.. the food really looks yummy. btw can you provide me the Mantis Shrimp Village restaurant number. I wish to visit the restaurant tomorrow since i am on holiday tomorrow! :-)

  4. sugarpie, the contact number has been provided in my previous comment.. here you go again:

    Tel: 04-5883351
    H/P: 012-5075767, 012-4010038

    TBP 2504, Jalan Bukit Tambun, 14100 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang

  5. vkeong. thank you, thank you and you have been so kind to repeat it! :-)
    I shall visit the restaurant tomorrow.

  6. is it only open at nite?

    vk: I think it’s open for lunch too? But i can’t be sure.. normally I go there for dinners.. you can call the number to confirm :)

  7. I went there fro lunch also, so it’s open for lunch and dinner together. The calrsberg shrimp not bad, i like it…yummy…but too bad i don’t have photo.

  8. Forgot to add-on for the drink, besides the dragon fruit juice, there got the orange mix carrot juice also not bad…worth to have a try =)

  9. After looking at the pictures showed, I decided to pay a visit to this Mantis Shrimp Village Restaurant a few weeks ago. Frankly to say that I am very disappointed with this restaurant.

    Firstly, the restaurant service. The person who served us is the captain of the restaurant. It was our first visit to this restaurnt. I would like the captain to introduce some famous dishes of the restaurant. She did but in a very rude manner. She was looking down on us. (Maybe because we are driving a non-branded car and only put on casual wear) She was not willing to introduce us about the dishes. She asked us just order whatever we want to eat. When we ask how is the taste of the dish, eg sweet, sour or spicy. Again, she answered us in a rude way. Some more, the way she serve us make us feel that she is forced to serve us. This makes us not comfortable to have food there.

    Secondly, the food. We ordered all of the dishes to come in medium size. Who knows, all of the dishes (seafood) come in SMALL size!! But surprisingly, the fried mee come in LARGE size!! We ordered black pepper crabs, we were eating baby crabs with only pepper. There is no other taste. For those seafood lovers, I am sure that you understand this, BABY CRAB = NOTHING TO EAT / TASTE. The most famous seafood of the restaurant – mantis, it is tasteless!! We ordered medium size mantis but we were eating small size mantis. For other seafood, they are acceptable (from the aspect of taste) but not fresh.

    Thirdly, about the price. Dear all going-to-visit consumers, this is a kindly remind to you. Please make sure you have credit cards. If you are paying cash, please make sure you bring more. Mantis Shrimp Village Seafood charging is extremely expensive!!!! If you try to compare their price with other seafood restaurants, you will find that this restaurant is charging at medium size price (in fact, they served us with small size dishes). Furthermore, if you compare taste + service Vs price to other restaurants, it is not worth to visit at all.

    Dear all customers, kindly remind you that DON’T TORTURE YOUR TONGUE AND WALLET. It is not good to your healthy.

    Last but not least, thank you for reading my comment.

  10. I totally agreed with disappointed Man. My family had our dinner for my mom’s birthday last 2 weeks. The services were RUDE and BAD, we ordered slated egg crab (my favorite food) which the captain claim this is one of their famous dish, but you know… when they served the the crabs, OMG, they topped it with a huge bunch normal chicken egg floss, it tasted really bad, I could say it was the WORST salted egg crab. After the meal, we decised to order some light snack as my brother brought a bottle of wine, we planned to chit chat and enjoy our wine and some snacks, so we called the captain and ordered a small size of fried sotong, the captain was really rude, not even showed a smiling face and asked ” fried sotong for how many people”, we said ” we are quite full, just want some snacks to eat with the wine, so, just make the small size for us”, she then asked again ” for how many people”? I felt a bit upset, and asked ” how much for the small size one?” , she said ” RM8″, then I said ” OK, then just give us RM8 fried sotong”

    After they served the fried sotong (which also not nice), an Indo. waitress then came with the bill to us, I really could not tahan already, and said ” we haven’t finished our meal yet, you ask us to pay now mean you want us to leave now’? Thewaitress just replied oh no, I dont know, they just told me to bring the bill here… :-/

    I would never go back to this place!!!

  11. gee… seem like most of your recommendation was not that good.
    not trying to be rude, but are you being paid for blogging?

    vk: No i am not paid for blogging. Most of the people who complained are about the service. For me, I didn’t encounter such bad services as they said. Even the food we had was not as expensive.

    Another thing is, I wonder if the people who complained about the food and service actually COMPLAINED to the restaurant. Because if you didn’t, then you did not utilize your right as a consumer. I don’t know if it helps by complaining in my blog for you, but it certainly does not help for me. I have been to this restaurant twice and both times we left as happy customers. If you did read the other comments, some were quite satisfied.

  12. hey…. me and my friends are your fans.., went there last night, fankly speaking, we were quite disappointed after having our dinner there, i think if the restaurant couldn’t maintain their foods quality consistently, it is not worth to recommend it, right?

    1. salted egg yolk crabs = for those fans of salted egg yolk crabs, you would be disappointed, that was too less salted egg yolk but too much sugar added.
    2. calrlsberg prawns = tasteless, couldnt tell what was that tasted like.
    3. Fried lala = not fresh, no wok hei
    4. curry fish head = taste so so
    5. fried kai lan = no wok hei, tasteless
    6. deep fried sotong = too much batter coated, tasteless

    services = poor (waitresses were OK, but the captain who took order ruined our night – we noticed there were 2 captains there, the one who served us was the elder one)

    Price = a bit over charged

    conclusion = no more second try

  13. NO! NO! NO!
    THis restau serves good Salted egg yolk crabs, but NO!! no!!! and NO!! THIS RESTAU IS SUPER DUPER DIRTY!!!! Full with FLIES!! and the waitress are SUPER RUDE!!! cannot tahan with them, must boycott!!!!

    vk: Are you sure? I just went 3 days ago. No sight of flies, waitress are OK, not rude at all. Hmm..


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