Maple Market @ Great Eastern Mall


The Maple Market is now happening at Great Eastern Mall. Come and support your local entrepreneurs who have gathered at the community pop-up market to showcase their proud creations and products.
The market takes place at the concourse area from 11am to 8pm this weekend (4th and 5th April) For your convenience, a dining area has been set up so that you can enjoy the food on the spot.

Jenny's Layer Cakes

Layer Cakes

First stop, Jenny’s Premier Cakes & Cookies. Traditional Indonesian layer cakes are Jenny’s specialty and they could last up to 6 months in the fridge.
Only natural ingredients are used to bake the cakes and you can be assured that there’s no artificial colouring and preservatives in any of her creations.

Fresh Freddies

Fresh Freddies produces gourmet food products such as quiche, pies, antipasti, fillings and desserts using only the finest ingredients. The energetic team also supplies their premium delicacies to supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.
Their Steak & Mushroom Pie @ RM12 is filled with chunky, tender beef and tastes pretty good. Also, don’t miss out their brownies, seriously.

Michelle Artisan Fruit Spread

Michelle’s Artisan Fruit Spread should be no stranger to any handmade jam lover. Their all natural and all fruit jam is low in organic raw sugar, just enough to adjust the sweetness and also has no artificial preservatives.
Some of their unique jam flavors (to me) are soursop, kamquat & honey mandarin (can be used to mix into tea too) and banana durian (seasonal) They also cater to custom orders for special events, just call their number 012-324 8387 or 012-238 8387 for more info.

Pittolo Private Kitchen

Sharing the same booth with Michelle is Pittolo Private Kitchen – a brain child of Tracy Poon who aspires to share her authentic home-cooked Italian fares.
You will have the opportunity to sample some uncommon Italian street food in Malaysia such as Hummus Capsicum Wrap and Italian Rice Salad. She also sells bottled sun-dried tomatoes which were brought in from Sicily.

Tualang Wild Bee Honey

For honey lovers, there’s wild Tualang Honey harvested from our own jungle.

Simply Mel's Kristang Cooking Paste

Simply Mel’s is here and you can buy their home-made rempah in jars. These rare and unique Kristang spices let you prepare Malacca-Portuguese style dishes fast and hassle free at home.
Each jar of curry paste is RM12 but if you buy a set of 3, it’s only RM35 and you get a bottle of Mel’s homemade Kaya (RM10 value) for free too.

Crzy Puffs

7-inces of Stuffed Awesomeness, that’s CrzyPuff for you. It’s available in 8 flavours: Loco Lamb (pulled lamb), Brit Bonkers (Shepar’s Pie), Wacky Yankee (mac & cheese), Wild Popeye (spinach + cheese), Cukoo-Dang (chicken rendang), Gila Classic (curry potato), iPuff (apple cinnamon) and Mad Monkey (banana + Nutella)
The pies are baked fresh so they are as delicious as possible when served.


Baked KL is an online bakery is run by two sisters – Iza (pictured above) and Izi since 2011. Their signature treats are cookies, whoopie pies (that look like macaroons) and brownies.
10% of their total sales will be contributed to a different cause every 2 months. Now there’s even more reason to support them. I had a slice of their red velvet and brownie, and what can I say? Great stuff man.

Peanut Butter Factory

Handmade in small amounts to ensure high quality, Peanut Butter Factory‘s peanut butter has no added oil, not loaded with sugar and does not contain preservatives.
If kept properly in the fridge they could last up to 5 months but I think you’d have finished them – maybe even by the first month. Besides peanut butter there’s also other more premium nut spreads such as cashew butter, almond butter and hazelnut choc.

LifeStyle Juicery

Espresso Lab

Tapping Tapir

If you’re feeling thirsty, there’s LifeStyle Juicery (cold pressed fruit juice), Espresso Lab (famous for their coffee) and Tapping Tapir (all natural sodas made with real fruit juice)

Tapping Tapir Potong

Artisan icy pops by The Potong is here as well located just next to Tapping Tapir, since they’re brought to you by the same team of entrepreneurs.


Mangolicious Jam

Mangolicious is another jam booth at the market. What makes their jam special is that they only use either Australian and Pakistani mangoes for a touch of premium quality.
I like the mango pineapple jam a lot and couldn’t resist buying a jar for myself. Also available is mango chutney, which can be eaten simply with rice, or used for cooking fish, pasta and burgers.

The Accidental Bakers

Good looking guy with plenty of sinfully delicious looking baked goodies, no wonder The Accidental Baker is a hit with the ladies. It’s hard to say no to their Nutella Chocolate and Butterscotch cakes.

Heartland Foods

Heartland Foods is the distributor for Sailor’s brand meat products. Halal and produced in Langkawi, these nitrate free, 100% meat sausages are also supplied to cafe and restaurants.
You could get a hot dog here too for RM10 with unlimited toppings and condiments of your choice. I had the chilli beef and it was really good.

Noora's Cakes & Cookies

If you’re craving for Malay cuisines then head to NooRa’s Homemade Cakes and Cookies. Besides cakes and cookies, they also sell irresistibly aromatic nasi lemak, nasi kunyit with chicken curry and fried beehoon.

Foodie Escape

Vietnamese roll delivery is what Foodie Escape is famous for. Instead of having these delectable rolls delivered to you, why not get them fresh at Maple Market? Some other dishes served here include Thai green curry laksa, Miang kham (they also sell the sauce in bottles) and pai tee.

Signature Snacks

Trying to lose weight? Why not try Signature Snack‘s healthy yet yummy nut and fruit based snacks? They deliver to your door-step monthly and there’s not delivery charge for orders of 5 packets (RM15.90 each) and above. The nuts are prepared fresh with different recipes to help you stay satiated and improve your bowel health.

Healthy Ever After

Healthy Ever After 2

Healthy Ever After aims to help you feel clean and light by letting you follow their wholesome meal plan which is available in one, three or five days.
Their meat-free meals can be ordered online and delivered to your home or office between 7am-9am and 9am-11am. Please visit their website for their menu and delivery coverage area. And while you’re here, freshen up with their detox water.

Br3w Tea


Br3w is interesting because they carry a lot of unique flavoured teas at affordable prices. Think chocolate tea, Japanese Cherry and Passionfruit with Flowers. While almost everyone in town is crazy about coffee, tea is incredibly versatile and should receive more attention.
Currently they have a promotion where you could buy three jars of tea (any flavor) at RM60. At normal price, each jar costs RM25.

Pink Ocha

Smootch & Co (left) crafts artisan sugar scrubs while the Chunk Poppers (right) caters to special occasions with their organic local kuehs and Western dishes.


P.U.C.U.K (sells air plant for homes) is only here today and will be replaced by Things For Whenever on Sunday. The latter will feature food shaped pockets called Yummy Pockets.

Barkery Oven Pet Snacks

You can even buy some dog and cat treats for your beloved pets. Barkery Oven‘s products include peanut butter, biscuits & biscotti, fudge & pawffins (muffins for pets) and natural dehydrated food.
These treats are wheat-free and do not contain ingredients that are usually allergic to animals, so they are safe for pet consumption. I bought a jar of chicken & vege herbs biscuits @ RM25 for my dog and she seems to enjoy it, especially the crunchiness.

Far East

Far Eats is one of the two non-halal vendors at the market. They specialize in home cured and home cooked pork products – mostly sausages. They were sold out today so do drop by early if you want to sample their porky goodies.

Tony's Cooking

Located at the far corner of the market is Tony’s Cooking, the other non-halal vendor churning out fresh and tasty sandwich and burger. But their main forte is actually making breads and buns.
So what better way to showcase their products than serving BBQ pull pork burgers and pepper lemongrass pork sandwiches? If you can take non-halal food, this is a stop not to be missed. Don’t go home without trying it, ok?

Kids Fun Corner

Food aside, there’s also a children’s activity area where you could let your kids unleash their creativity. The dining tables are placed just next to this area so you could still keep a watchful eye on them while you tuck into your delicious food.


Maple Market Greast Eastern Mall

By the time you read this, the first day of the Maple Market had already ended. Tomorrow will be the last day so don’t miss your chance to visit the lively food market.
Granted, it is not a particularly big market but it’s definitely worthwhile to drop by to see the fruits of labour of these passionate and hardworking food entrepreneurs. For more information on the event, kindly contact Aida Salleh at 012-3656856.

Maple Market @ Great Eastern Mall
4th & 5th April 2015 (11am-8pm)

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