Maria’s SteakCafe – excellent Western Food @ Damansara Perdana, PJ


For those Western food lovers especially steak lovers, there’s a restaurant you couldn’t afford to miss – Maria’s Restaurant and Cafe located at Metropolitan Square in Damansara Perdana. I was recently invited to savor their traditional, Western country style food like steaks, pies, pasta, sausages etc. I rarely feel so excited about my posts so you can only imagine the excellent food Maria’s has to offer.
First, a brief introduction: Maria’s Cafe was established in Ipoh about 8-9 years ago and their popular homemade food has been a crowd puller ever since. The Petaling Jaya branch is Maria’s second outlet, currently managed by one of the daughters – Mary Ann, who was also our great host that night.


First up was Oriental Salad @ RM10 consisting of lots of greens, cucumber, tomato, onion, orange and red pepper and topped with generous amount of bonito flakes and black sesame seeds.The addition of fluffy dancing fish flakes on the salad sure made it looked more interesting and livelier.
For salad dressing a mixture of Japanese soy sauce and some oil was used, which tasted a little salty but still OK overall. I have to clarify that the portion of salad we had was actually only half the usual size, because we wanted to leave space for other food hehe.


Two types of soup were served after that. One of them being Maria’s signature Oxtail Soup @ RM18, served with some garlic toasts for dipping.


Maria’s Oxtail Soup tasted fantastic, being a rich and hearty soup I feel everyone will love. A large, meaty chunk of oxtail was served in the middle of the bowl too. It was cooked till so tender that the flesh could be sucked off the bone!


What I loved about the Mushroom Soup @ RM7.50 was its exceptionally thick and creamy texture. The croutons was a great accompaniment too, as they provided a crunchy feel and extra flavor to the soup.


Since I am a fan of strong flavor (and meat) no doubt I preferred the Oxtail Soup more. Besides, mushroom soup is quite common in Western food but a good bowl of Oxtail soup is not easy to find.
At this point I was already quite full even though only salad and soup were served. Well, thanks to the meaty oxtail I enjoyed so much lol.


Because I told Mary Ann earlier that I love seafood and lamb prior to our visit, these two were planned in the main course. First main course to arrive was Fish and Chips @ RM19. What distinguished Maria’s Fish and Chips from the rest is none other than the type of fish used. Here at Maria’s, fresh local garoupa is used instead of the usual dory fish.

Another specialty about the Fish and Chips is the batter that was mixed with beer. The beer’s carbonation during the frying process produces a light and crispy crust, which you can see is a little bloated too. And the fresh garoupa really made all the difference with its soft and delicious meat. As far as Fish and Chips goes, this was pretty impressive.


Then came the star of the entire meal, charbroil Australian Wagyu steak priced at RM95/100gm. Considered as one of the best meats in the world for its marbling characteristics, it’s no wonder this plate of steak would cost a whopping RM170+! If Wagyu is too expensive, Black Angus – a popular beef in US is available at RM40/100gm.
Although not as prestigious compared to Kobe Beef, the soft texture and buttery taste of Wagyu beef are more than enough to drive any meat and steak lovers crazy.


Served with a dollop of mustard, you can choose to have either mushroom or black pepper sauce. We didn’t take any sauce because we were advised to savor the Wagyu steak on its own for the maximum taste. True to the advice, the juicy slab of Wagyu steak packed so much flavor on its own that only minimal seasoning of salt and pepper was required before going on the char-broil grill.


It was served medium – pinkish throughout the center and no red, exactly how Wagyu is supposed to be enjoyed. The purpose of keeping the middle pink was to retain as much natural juice and flavor as possible. There’s no words to describe how wonderful the steak tasted, it was totally out of this world for me. You know, I cut the steak into really small pieces so that I could enjoy it as long as possible. And I actually felt sad when it was finished! The soft and flavorful meat that melts in your mouth, so good so juicy so heavenly so yummy, omg!
Out of the maximum 9 grades of Wagyu, the one we had was at grade 7. If grade 7 Wagyu is already that awesome, I can’t imagine how tasty grade 9 Wagyu would be.


Then came the NZ Baby Lamb Cutlets (French-Cut) @ RM48. A minimum 3 pieces of lamb cutlets are guaranteed in this dish. And if you don’t know what French-Cut is (like I did), it is actually a way of cutting meats meant to remove the fats as well as letting the meat stick out like what is shown in the photo. That’s why the lamb cutlets looked so lean without excess fat and tendon.


The lamb cutlets were part of a baby lamb’s rack so the meat was tender and not as chewy. Taste wise it was nice, but could have been better if not for the Wagyu beef we had earlier. The Wagyu beef was just too great it simply overshadowed any other dishes that followed.


The bone part of every lamb cutlet was wrapped with aluminum foil so that you can enjoy it like a drumstick. To be honest, it did have a effect on the overall experience. I enjoyed eating the lamb cutlets more with my hands instead of using cutlery, maybe because it brought out the primitive side of me. Try it next time, I am sure you would feel the same.


Then it was time to enjoy Maria’s cakes made based on their very own recipes. Even though feeling full after completing three main courses, I simply couldn’t say no to trying the delicate looking cakes.


Shown here is a slice of Blueberry Cheese Cake @ RM7. Other cakes and desserts available include Tiramisu (RM12), Carrot Walnut Cake, Banana Walnut Cake, Moist Chocolate Cake and many more.


My favorite between the two cakes would be Moist Chocolate Cake @ RM8, served with a small scoop of imported Movenpick vanilla ice cream. Sinfully delicious, the warm chocolate cake and cold ice cream created an interesting feel. Well, I am a chocolate lover so it’s only natural I preferred the one with chocolate. What can I say lol.


The restaurant looked beautiful and oozed warmth and calm, clearly reflected in the ‘Classic Corner’. Perfect for family meals.


A cabinet full of wine glasses separates the ‘Classic Corner’ from the ‘Zen Corner’, where the latter is a more stylish dining area and fronts the restaurant. If you ask me for a Western food restaurant worth visiting, I would definitely recommend Maria’s. Not only recommended, it’s a MUST if you are serious about looking for tasty Western food.
To me, it’s the best hidden gem to be ever discovered. If not for the invitation I would never know such a great restaurant exists. And I am already planning for my next visit to try the other food!


Maria’s Restaurant and Cafe is quite tricky to look for for first timers. I got a little lost and the security guards didn’t help much either by giving me the wrong direction. So, the easiest way is to look for Metropolitan Square’s center wing with a mini roundabout just in front where you will also see Citibank. Take the lift on the right of Citibank to L3 and you will eventually see printed directions leading to the restaurant.
The location map below is taken from Mary Ann’s food blog. Visit her blog for a detailed direction from LDP-Kepong and Penchala Link, as well as ongoing promotions.

maria's cafe location map

Maria’s SteakCafe – PORK FREE
C313A, Center Wing,
Metropolitan Square,
No 2, Jalan PJU 8/1,
Bandar Damansara Perdana, PJ
GPS Coordinates: N3 09.914 E101 36.573
Tel: 03-7725 2313.
Opening hours: 12pm – 10:30pm
Set lunch starts from RM15
Set dinner starts from RM28 (includes soup and dessert)

2nd Outlet @ 58, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru,
59100 KL
Tel: 603-2282 2220
Fax: 603-2282 2224

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  1. Always heard about Wahyu beef and Kobe beef, wonder how excellent it’ll taste… But the way you describe it certainly had my imagination wonders.
    I am a chocolate and ice cream lover lol. The Moist Chocolate Cake and the Movenpick ice cream certainly caught my attention and make me drool. :P

    allie’s last blog post..Penang Hawker Food | Top Taste Hokkien Mee

    vk: Yeah if not for the invitations I won’t know how Kobe/Wagyu beef taste like.. really thankful for them. I guess you’re a chocolate lover like me as well for liking the Moist Choc Cake :D

  2. OMG, you just made me salivate one hour before the lunch time! :S The beef steak looked heavenly! And no sight of blood to be found! Perfect! I hate seeing blood trickling out from the middle of a steak… It’s so gross! And I am a chocolate person too! Gosh, I would love to try out this place! :)

    iamthewitch’s last blog post..Reviving my wet handphone

    vk: I would freak out too if I see blood in the steak lol. I am not so daring to taste bloody beef yet like the angmohs. It was pink, cooked just nice to retain the flavor and juices.. yum yum

  3. Hi J2Kfm,

    The dishes above are not exclusive to Maria’s PJ. In fact, Maria’s Ipoh offers a wider selection of food. Just so you know, you don’t need to make a special trip down to PJ to savour the delicacies! :)

    Amy on behalf of Maria’s Cafe
    New Business Manager (Singapore)

  4. Hey VK, thanks for the great review. I’m so glad I’ve invited you. *smile*

    J2Fkm: :) Small world. We were school mates? Please help me recall.

    vk: It’s my pleasure really to be invited :) Really great Wagyu beef steak, yum!

  5. Im a super huge fan of Maria’s! I’ve tried almost everything on the menu, from their poultry, seafood, lamb cutlet ( my favourite), steaks to their desserts. They are all good. I wasnt a fan of beef and steaks, but Maria’s definitely made me one. You dont need to be a fan of beef to try Maria’s black angus or wagyu, it’s really good. Hey, vk, im quite surprised that u din try their tiramisu.. you need to try it! it’s heavenly :) my favourite.

    vk: We were too stuffed to eat any more :P But rest assured I will return and try it one day.. haha

  6. In some places, OXtail is refered to as the Penis….so i guess your serving wasnt the real thing….since you can bite of the boner……cheers…

  7. The place is nice, went there once. The food is also good, especially the lamb cutlet….Hope to try the beef 1 day, looks nice….

  8. the wagyu is drooling.

    hey vkeong, u been to Jake’s Steakhouse at medan damansara? i want to know Jake’s Steak compare to Maria’s.

  9. Maria’s is so much better than Jake’s !
    The flavour , marination and tenderness of the beef, really a different level. thats my opinion though

  10. Due to the great review above, I persuaded my whole family to dine at Maria’s yesternite to celebrate our beloved mom’s birthday. Loved the fish&chips, oxtail soup, pie, roast chicken, sausages, leg of lamb…. But alas, my brother vowed not to return to this place again. Mary Ann, I would love to provide a constructive feedback to you if I could have your email address ‘coz I believe your lovely cafe deserves to be visited over & over again.

    • Hi Yen,

      Thank you so much for the email and your honest feedback. We greatly apologize for the unpleasant experience you have had in our restaurant. We have investigated the said incident and sorted out the source of the problem.

      We hope that you will find our services improved in your next visit.

  11. Everything is overrated here. I’ve tried once together with my family and we too vow not to go back there. Sorry to be so harsh but it was really a disappointment.

    • Hi Liz,

      We regret to hear of your unpleasant experience.

      Being in the services and food industry, we always strive to provide the best for our customers. However, we do admit that it can be very difficult and challenging to maintain consistency of services and food quality.

      We appreciate if you could elaborate on your experience, for us to understand better and improve further. You may also drop us an email at

      Thank you so much.

  12. I went to Maria’s after seeing this great review. Really good food and lovely cakes they serve ! Will definitely return again. And fortunately i recieved quite a good service, a very nice lady served me that night ! will definitely return again .

  13. Hi Nayzi & Jeffrey,
    Apologies for the late reply. I noticed your comment just then.

    We’re a pork-free restaurant. No worries thought. Our meats are mostly halal.

    Yes, the Wagyu Grade 7 is really good. It is RM95/100gm. However, you can try other popular beef steaks:
    Wagyu Grade 5 – RM80/100gm (currently with 10% discount)
    Australian Black Angus – RM40/100gm

    Thanks for your interest!

  14. Wow..this looks like. Been hunting for something like “The Prime” in Sheraton KL Central and this one looks preety close. Hope it does not disappoints me especially for steaks as I’m pure 101% steak lovers “medium rare” cook.

    • i went the Prime and Angus House before, for wagyu, Angus House is much more better than Prime. Wagyu in Prime which cost 400+ really not impress me. Maria does not offer high grade of wagyu but the way their cook really bring out the taste of the meat. Angus house is japanese style cooking, taste nice also.


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