Max Gourment Dim Sum Restaurant


Everytime I go to Queensbay, food is a problem. They are either fast food only or too expensive for a normal meal. Then there are those which are nice and reasonable but often too packed making the waiting time unbearable. Luckily Shanghai Ding Tai Feng and Max Gourmet Restaurant are available within walking distance from Queensbay. You should really try the restaurants along the road leading to Queensbay, they are pretty good for me so far. Parking is expensive as they are privatized but you can always park in Queensbay for RM1 per entry, ha!

duck drumstick noodle

Max Gourmet mainly focuses on dim sum and HK-style food. My choice for the night was Roasted Duck Drumstick noodle which comes at a very reasonable price of RM5.50. Fuyoh, cheap and nice. What I love about roasted duck the most is the crispy skin! Recommended.

chicken drumstick noodle

Set dinners are available for less than RM10. You would have a choice of a noodle or rice with a herbal drink. This is Chinese style Braised Chicken Drumstick noodle. The chicken is tender and the honey coated skin is sweet. However the noodle tasted quite bland.


Herbal drink that comes with the dinner set and my cup of iced milk tea. Pretty normal stuff.

egg tart

And then we ordered some dim sum. I was really surprised by the wide selection of dim sum available for a small establishment like this. Crispy egg tart @ RM1.10 per piece, not bad. I always have to try egg tarts whenever I see them lol.

siu mai

Siu Mai @ RM2.20. They taste better than most dim sum restaurant’s. And they tasted fresh and warm, even at 9pm!

xiu long bao

Surprisingly Max Gourmet also prepares Xiu Long Bao. I thought this was supposed to be a Shanghai restaurant’s specialty. Anyway we ordered one to try. It was OK but Shanghai Ding’s definitely nicer a lot.

almond balls

And finally, Almond Balls that caught my attention when I was browsing the dim sum menu. It looked pretty darn interesting and the name sounds like it should be nice. But it turned out to be the worst dim sum I ever had, I didn’t even finish it. I suspect the kitchen has been reusing the cooking oil for too long. The almond balls were damn oily inside, and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It’s not cheap too @ RM5, so avoid this at all cost.

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  1. yeah taman pekaka…tho usm is so near there but I can’t wake up so early! XD

    Oh…thats chicken rice is good. Go there lah on weekends…got even more parking space : ) I think… XD Now that you’d mention…yeah never see any chicken rice post from your blog lolz…apa la…lunchtime staple but u din mention abt it…

  2. yung & Cokeworld Citizen, are you two referring to Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant? The corner shop one? I’ve been there twice.. These 2 shops are same owner one?? LOLz I didn’t know

  3. Hei man…this is one….F**king wicked site, man…love it… A really^1000 great job!!!!!

    think this gonna be my online malaysian food bible…heheh…


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