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Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant @ Taman Pekaka


Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant @ Taman Pekaka WAS a restaurant that I used to condemn. But seeing many people are still recommending it after my first visit, I decided to give it another try. After that, I was convinced and it totally changed my impression on the restaurant. I wonder what went wrong in my first visit.

dim sum
abalone dim sum

Razor Clam Dim Sum. It could’ve been much nicer if the razor clams were fresher. Not that it’s not fresh, just that we arrived quite late in the morning. So, the freshness is bound to drop and the texture became a bit rubbery. Although it was way past breakfast hour, I found that many people are still eating. They are quite famous in this area and business has always been brisk.

fried prawns

Very delicious looking and tasting fried prawn dumplings. Best of all, there’s not a hint of oil smell. As always, they are to be dipped into the mayonaisse, good stuff.

egg tart
dim sum

Har Kao is not bad too. I think a dim sum chef needs to be very skillful and experienced enough to ensure the skin is done just right. If the skin is too thin the prawn fillings may break out even when you pick it up using the chopsticks.

dim sum

Chicken crown dumpling, nice too. And followed with some assorted siu mai.

dim sum

Most of the items here are standard Penang dim sum price, from RM2.10 to RM3.00 per basket.

dim sum
maxim dim sum restaurant

I guess I owe Maxim Dim Sum restaurant an apology for labeling them as ‘sucks’ earlier lol. They’re pretty good actually, even better than some dim sum restaurants in Georgetown hehe. Oh and by the way, they serve some pretty awesome chicken porridge, very recommended ah.
For those studying in USM or working in Bayan Lepas are no stranger to this restaurant in Taman Pekaka. It’s located just next to Tesco Extra as shown in the wikimapia. This restaurant is also related to Max Gourment opposite Queensbay, which serve Hongkie style of food. I am guessing they sourced the dim sum here.

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