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BBQ Buffet @ Medini’s Barbecue Restaurant, Ampang


Although Medini’s Barbecue Restaurant calls itself a halal Korean style BBQ buffet restaurant, you should set your expectations straight before coming here.
There’s actually nothing Korean about their food except the kimchi which they serve as the appetizer. The marinade they use for the meat is a local recipe and even the dipping sauces are sambal and kicap manis.

Medini Barbecue Buffet
Barbecue Food

Having said that, if you love meat, this is definitely a place to consider because the selection and quality of meat they offer is pretty impressive. Besides meat, you will also have plenty of seafood choices such as Japanese scallops, Korean oysters, saba mackerel, tiger prawns and many more.

Medini's Charcoal Barbecue

The price is RM49.90 nett/pax (RM23.90 for children below 12) and contrary to most buffet restaurants in town, there’s no time limit imposed for the buffet so you can take your to enjoy your meal.

Japanese Scallops

Scallop skewers – they are kind of bland so I recommend dipping them in the kicap manis first before going on the grill. The difference in taste is notable.


Tiger prawns.

Saba Mackerel

Saba mackerel.

Shishamo Fish

Shishamo – these tend to stick to the grill so be sure to brush them with margarine first.





Korean Oyster with Cheese Powder

Korean oysters topped with cheese powder, these must be fully cooked.

Chicken Wings and Skewers

All the meat seem to be marinated in the same blend of seasoning and sauces and you can taste the sesame oil in it. It’s a simple and homey kind of marinade so it might not be so appealing to those with heavy taste buds. Personally, I thought the marinade was nice as it imparted just enough flavor without overwhelming the meat’s natural flavor.

Lamb Loin
Beef Striploin
Beef Sirloin

Almost every kind of meat on the menu orginates from a different country. For example, the beef brisket is from Brazil, while the lamb shoulder and ribeye are from New Zealand. Then there are a couple more like sirloin and lamb loin that are from Australia.
Everything we had tasted fresh and as long as you cook them right, they are tender and delicious. This was probably the only buffet where we actually preferred the meat more than the seafood.

Medini's Barbecue Restaurant Ampang
Medini's Barbecue Restaurant

Medini’s Barbecue Restaurant

No 2, Ukay Boulevard, Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2 (MRR2), Ampang
Business hours: 12pm – 11pm
Tel: 03-4101 9018
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyhalalkoreanBBQ

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