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Mee Goreng @ Bangkok Lane


A while ago when I was talking to my lunchmates, they mentioned a mee goreng stall in Bangkok Lane that was featured in Ah Xian‘s eatery program. I didn’t watch it so I can only listen to their description. From what I heard, seems like the cook can fry the mee goreng in a very unique way. He can stir fry the noodles and spin the wok at the same time, somewhat like a performance. And even the mee goreng’s presentation looks promising.

bangkok lane mee goreng

But in my opinion, this is one of the overrated hawker food in Penang. Although the noodles look really appetizing, it actually tastes very bland. The sotong is also quite tasteless, felt like chewing rubber. I almost had to force myself to finish the plate of noodle which cost RM4. Not only it is overrated, it is also overpriced. So, I really cannot comprehend the brisk business and the number of people who actually would queue up for take aways. I have absolutely no idea why Ah Xian would come and promote this at all, lol. Even the mee goreng just below my apartment tastes much better than this, cheaper too.

mamak mee goreng

The cook doesn’t really fry the noodles himself too. Sometimes he’s too busy with other stuff so his helpers would to take over the wok a while. Maybe that’s why the noodles are not as nice? I don’t know. Anyway the way he goreng the mee is interesting, it’s quite hard to imagine how he does it by just listening to other people’s description. See it for yourself if you’re curious lol.

bangkok lane

The only thing nice about my cari makan trip was the scenery of Bangkok Lane. Beautiful mansions are found on both sides of the road for your admiration and photograhing pleasure. Anyway I heard the curry mee stall at this coffee shop is good too, which is usually sold out by noon. Can anyone help to clarify? Thanks!

PS: Yeah I’ve been blogging foods which Ah Xian has visited recently. Because he came to Penang/Bukit Mertajam recently, more of his featured foods to follow soon.

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