Mee Goreng Jalil @ Sungai Ara

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This is what I am craving for here at Seri Kembangan, a good plate of mee goreng. In Penang, you can find mee goreng stalls almost anywhere whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I have never seen any stall so far over here, sigh. Mee goreng is almost non-existent here! Actually I have blogged about mee Jalil before but it looked really bad because it was take away. Now that the presentation is so much nicer, I am sure you will be more tempted to try it.

mee goreng sungai ara

Mr. Jalil has been selling his signature noodles in Sungai Ara (which is also the place I stayed) ever since I started to work in Penang island. It didn’t take long for me to notice his presence, as I will surely pass by his stall every evening after work. After a brief disappearance, he returned and moved his stall to a better location across the street.

mee jalil sungai ara

Seen here he’s busy preparing mee rebus. And if you noticed, he’s using charcoal instead of gas. Charcoal is a hotter and more uneven heat source so it requires a very experienced person to control it nicely. He was completely fine with me taking photos of him, some of his friends even joked he’s going to appear in the newspaper, lol. Well, I guess appearing in my blog is not bad either yeah?

mee goreng sungai ara

The ingredients used are traditional, nothing fancy. No sweet and spicy squids too. Even so, it tastes great and even better if I request for more cucur udang (prawn fritters) “Tambah ‘heh chih’? OK!” would be his response, a touch of Hokkien. That’s the way I like to enjoy my mee goreng, with lots of prawn fritters. Notice that huge chunk on the lower left? It’s so crispy and probably the best prawn fritter ever! I think Jalil’s mee goreng is much better than the one at Bangkok Lane. The price is cheaper (RM2.50), waiting time is short and taste is good. There’s nothing to be complained.

teh tarik

Finished with a typical cup of over sweetened mamak teh tarik. Complete and full of satisfaction. Mee Jalil is selling in front a Chinese coffee shop along Fisherman’s Grill in Sungai Ara. He usually opens in evening around 6-7pm and his noodles finishes before 8.30pm. The only problem with mee Jalil is his unpredictable business days. The time is the same but he can be MIA for a few days in a row, even in the weekdays! So, luck is also involved if you want to taste his delicious mee goreng.

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