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Mee Pok @ Coconut Garden Food Court, Muar


Coconut Garden is a popular food court in Muar, busiest between breakfast and lunch hours. It is also here where you will find one of the best Mee Pok in town. This simple but satisfying noodle is more commonly found in Southern Malaysia and Singapore but you could find it in Klang Valley as well if you know where to look. One such restaurant that serves authentic tasting Mee Pok is Tang Pin Kitchen, which I used to be a regular customer when I was still working in PJ.


As opposed to Singaporean’s version of Mee Pok where vinegar plays an important part of the sauce that flavors the noodle, Malaysian’s version seems to omit it and focuses more on chili sauce and lard instead. My friend who recommended me to try the Mee Pok at Coconut Garden reminded me to request for extra chili, saying it will make it tastier.


True to his words, I noticed a slight improvement to the overall taste. The noodle, which is already delicious and springy on its own became more appetizing to the palate with more chili – having more kick and oomph too. One thing though, I think not everyone would be appreciative of Mee Pok like the way me and the Johoreans would, especially on the spiciness of the noodle. So yeah, it is highly individual.



Coconut Garden Food Court
Jalan Haji Hassan, 84000 Muar
GPS Coordinates: N02 02’42.5 E102 34’32.8
Business hours: 7am to noon

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  1. Hi there, I found TangPin’s mee pok a bit average to be honest. The mee was overcooked and the sauce and condiments was nothing to shout about.

    Do you know other restaurant in PJ that serves good mee pok?


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