“Meng Kee” Claypot Chicken Rice


More food from Kepong to introduce~
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I had Claypot Chicken Rice 砂煲鸡饭 for lunch before driving back to Penang on Monday. For Malaysians, there’s no need for introduction to this dish, anyway..

Claypot Chicken Rice is usually a dinner dish in Singapore and Malaysia. It is typically served with Chinese sausage and vegetables. More often than not, the rice is cooked in the claypot first and cooked ingredients like diced chicken and chinese sausage are added in later. Some places serve it with dark soya sauce and also dried salted fish. Salted fish, some claim, enhances the taste of the claypot chicken rice. And even where there are no long queues, given the way the dish is prepared, customers have to wait for at least 30 minutes before the dish is ready.

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“Meng Kee” 明记 is located along a small lane between an abandoned building (used to be Parkson) and an old cinema in Kepong Baru. The stall is very simple, with 5-6 tables around and a zinc roof as shade. A small pot serving one costs RM4.50, while the bigger port which can serve up to two costs RM8. You can also order “Yau Choi” and soup too. We ordered Siu Bak Choi and Lotus Soup 莲藕汤. I didn’t taste nor taken any photo of the soup as it didn’t look nice. But according to Siang Leng and her family, it was really good! My loss then I guess :P

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The “Yau Choi” tastes good and complements the rice very well. Our bill came to RM22+, RM5+ per person with chicken rice, soup and vege.. I think that’s pretty good value for money if you ask me, especially in KL!

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