Menya Musashi Samurai Ramen @ Isetan Eat Paradise, 1 Utama


Right after I posted about Santouka, a friend quickly recommended me his favorite Ramen restaurant. Many of you might have heard and even been to this restaraunt already, it is none other than Menya Musashi at Isetan Eat Paradise, 1 Utama. I did not know at first, but after researching only that I knew Menya Musashi is very popular in Japan – well known for their authentic shoyu-based Tokyo style ramen.


Not gonna lie, initially I was quite worried that the soup would be quite salty like what we had at Santouka. Well, it turned out that my worry was for naught, as even though the soup is rich and flavorful, the taste is nothing near being salty. I did not memorize the entire menu but I am very sure that for the soup-based ramen, there are three flavors to choose from: Shiro (onion oil), Kuro (special fried shallot and garlic oil) and Aka Musashi (special homemade chili oil).


We did not try the Kuro ramen so no comment on that. But for the other two that we had, I would say that Shiro ramen @RM22 would appeal to the public better for its pleasant taste, while the Aka Musashi ramen @ RM26 would take someone who really appreaciates spicy food to enjoy. I belong to the latter so I am happy with it.
Noodle wise it has a smooth and “Q” texture which gives a very satisfying slurping sensation. As for the chashu, despite it not being of premium pork cheeks like what Santouka is serving – is nicely braised until tender, albeit not the melt-in-your-mouth kind.


Some extra condiments for your ramen.. chili oil and fried garlic bits.


Food and the unique Samurai-themed decor aside, the bustling kitchen activities also contribute to the overall dining experience at Menya Musashi. The lively team of chefs who prepare the noodles would, from time to time let out enthusiastic shouts while they are cooking, filling the dining area with energy. Very interesting.


Do come early if you want to avoid the queue. Believe it or not, the queue starts to form even before the restaurant opens.

Menya Musashi Ramen
2nd Floor, Isetan Eat Paradise
Isetan Bandar Utama City Centre
Opens 11am onwards

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