Merchant’s Lane 美真林 @ Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Petaling Merchant's Lane Cafe
Jalan Petaling Merchant's Lane Cafe

If you are wondering why there’s a lack of youngsters on Petaling Street, that’s probably because they are hanging out at Merchant’s Lane. Despite the name, Merchant’s Lane is not really a lane but a delightfully warm and atmospheric cafe that provides respite from this touristy side of the city.
If you haven’t been here before, it could be a challenge to look for the place. So I have included a simple illustration at the end of the post to help you find the cafe easier.

Merchant's Lane Cafe Jalan Petaling Natural Light

Merchant's Lane Jalan Petaling

Merchant's Lane Cafe Jalan Petaling Full House

It’s not hard to understand the appeal of Merchant’s Lane. It’s filled with plenty of natural light perfect for photography (and Instagramming), friendly staff, menu is a bit different from the rest which gives it a touch of uniqueness, plus it’s not obscenely overpriced. What more can you ask for of a cafe? Air conditioning, maybe.

Merchant's Lane Flower Area

Oddly enough, there’s a sense of calm amidst the rustic look and chaotic decor. If you didn’t know, this stretch of street where Merchant’s Lane is situated is dotted with brothels. In fact, this space used to be one until Merchant’s Lane took over and reinvented it into a cafe.

Merchant's Lane Cafe Jalan Petaling Menu

Sweet and simple one page menu.

Merchant's Lane Hongkie Beef Stew

The Hongkie Beef Stew @ RM19 is one of the few signature dishes here. As you would have expected from the description, the beef is slow cooked for 12-hours in Cantonese style served on top of their housemade mash and gravy. Unless you don’t take beef, this would be highly recommended, perfect for sharing too.

Merchant's Lane Rose Honey Milk

Rose Honey Milk @ RM12 is exactly what it is – a honey sweetened milk infused with the aroma of rose petals. Simple but with a comforting and beautiful flavor. I like how it’s served in a classic tea cup too.

Merchant's Lane Coffee

Coffee’s good – no complaints about that.

Merchant's Lane Cafe Jalan Petaling Lounge

Merchant's Lane Cafe Jalan Petaling 3

Merchant's Lane Cafe Jalan Petaling Open Area

Merchant's Lane Cafe Jalan Petaling Relaxing

Merchant’s Lane is divided into a few parts: two separate dining areas connected by an outdoor courtyard. Each section has its own character and charm. Regardless, all of them are great spots to chill, read a book or enjoy conversation over a few cuppas.

Merchant's Lane Cafe Jalan Petaling Entrance

To get here, simply head to ATC (Advance Tertiery College) and look for the stationery shop next to it. The entrance to the cafe is pointed with the arrow above.

Merchant's Lane Jalan Petaling Side Entrace

If you are at the right place, you will see Merchant’s Lane signature teal entrance. Just follow the red staircase to the cafe above.

Merchant's Lane Cafe Jalan Petaling Cake Counter

Merchant's Lane Cafe 2

Merchant's Lane Cafe Jalan Petaling Old Calendar

Merchant’s Lane 美真林

No, 150 Jalan Petaling
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: Daily 10.30am – 10pm
Tel: 03-2022 1736

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  1. wah, never know there is this cafe hidden in Petaling Street. :) I only know the famous curry noodles in the lorong behind the temple and the chee cheong fun. Must go and try it out. Likes the design of the cafe.


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