Midi 57 Restaurant & Bar @ The Bangkung Row, Bangsar

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Midi 57 is a relatively new restaurant at the Bangkung Row that is set to satiate the residents of Bangsar and all others who love pizza, pasta and porky Italian dishes. Aptly named after its address, Midi 57 is also the sister restaurant of the more stylish and upscale Le Midi at BSC. The simple two-paged menu features an interesting mix of predominantly Italian and French cuisine with a small Tex-Mex section that is wallet-friendly, suitable for a casual meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

Midi 57 Basket-of-Bread

As soon as we were seated, some complimentary bruschetta was served. Then followed by a basket of homemade sesame bread and Focaccia after we placed our order.

Midi 57 Piglet-Salad

We started off with the Piglet Salad @ RM27, a colorful assembly of Romaine lettuce, rocket and cherry tomatoes on thin slices of Roasted Herb Piglet with a dressing of mashed sun-dried tomatoes olive oil. The tangy sun-dried tomatoes provided most of the flavor while the fresh greens give a crisp bite on the palate, a delectable combo that turns out to be equally appetizing. This is a nice change from the usual vinaigrette-dressed salads that usually have a strong and acidic taste.


Midi 57 makes all their pasta in house using five different imported flours and the dough created is used as a base for the pizza and ravioli as well. The Squid Ink Tagliolini with Salmon and Zucchini @ Rm37 proved to be our favourite dish of the day quickly, winning us over with its fine, delicate yet springy texture akin to the Chinese Mee Pok. Some might find the cream sauce to be too thick but I feel the consistency is just nice to hold the pasta together.

4-Midi 57 Stagioni-Pizza

Midi 57 Pizza

The 4 Stagioni Pizza (RM38) could be literally translated as “Four Seasons Pizza”, a good choice if you are unsure of which to get from the extensive list of pizza. Baked in Midi 57’s very own wood-fired oven for an added smoky, rustic flavor, this scrumptious pizza is topped with four main traditional Italian ingredients: Ham, Salami, Artichoke and Olives plus some anchovies, mushrooms and capers.
For those who are feeling creative, you could order a pizza customized according to your own liking at just RM5 per topping. Currently, the pizzas cost 5% less for take away and free delivery could be arranged if you live in the vicinity.

Midi 57 Pork-Platter

And lastly the Pork Platter @ RM80, a chef’s special made up of rolled pork neck with port wine sauce, rolled pork belly with mustard sauce, pork cutlet topped with Parma Ham and sausages. Each platter comes with three sides too – Sauerkraut, pan-seared potato slices and Ratatouille. This humongous portion is actually a serving for two person, but it is obvious that it could be easily shared among three or even more.

Midi 57 German-Sausage

While there are no surprises in how the rolled meats tasted (tender and sweet with a herby aroma), the sausage and pork cutlet stood out for their rich flavors and texture. I especially liked the latter, where the silky smooth Parma Ham not only gives a contrasting bite, it also adds a succulent taste to the experience.

Midi 57 Italian-Lemonade

There is a separate menu for the drinks alone listing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. So there is no lack of choices here as far as drinks are concerned. But since we are light to non-drinkers, we had the Italian Lemonade and Vodka Strawberry Spritzer – both delightful treats for a hot day.

Midi 57 Bangsar

For the budget-concious who want to first sample what Midi 57 has to offer, you will be glad to know that there is a daily special set lunch @ RM28++, complete with a soup and dessert. And as a family and children friendly restaurant, high chairs are provided and kid-sized meals are also available for half the price and portion.

Midi 57 Restaurant & Bar (Facebook)
57 Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business hours: 11am-12am daily
Daily special set lunch at RM28++ or Healthy Lunch at RM30++ .
Happy Hour from 3pm till 9pm . Beer at RM10++ , house wine by glass at 20% off RM22 normal price .
Tel: 03 2095 1381

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