Mille Crepe @ Nadeje Cake House, Dataran Pahlawan – nice meh?


Have you heard of Mille Crepe? This cake-like-dessert is actually French and got its name from the many layers (hence Mille) of crepes and cream used to make it. Maybe because of its unique appearance for a cake and its rarity in Malaysia, it became a hit on the Internet a few years ago. But now it is quite common in Klang Valley since many cafes are serving it over their cake counters.
My first time trying it was at Food Foundry at Section 17 PJ, where I found it to be so-so at best. I didn’t hate it nor love it, just felt it was nothing quite impressive except for that special layered texture it offers. So when I expressed my not-so-favorable response towards this dessert, some hardcore Mille Crepe lovers defended it furiously and asked me to try ‘the best one’ at Melaka, which is Nadeje Cake House.


So during my last trip to Melaka I also took the effort to look for this cake house to try the highly acclaimed cakes. I was really curious of how good the ‘best’ could be. Verdict? It tastes only marginally better, if not the same with the one I had at PJ.
Plus, it is also more expensive given that they are the pioneers, being featured at various media and blogs and all. And regarding the Mille Crepes’ taste not living up to its reputation, it could be attributed to Jason’s claim that the original chef already left the cake house and started his own called ‘Humble Beginnings’.


If you are totally out of things to eat in Melaka (really?) and have too much time to kill, then by all means head over to Nadeje. They have two branches with the original one at Melaka Raya and the latest one at Dataran Pahlawan. Both are very nearby if you’re wondering.
But just let me just be frank and say that the long wait, poor service (we had to order for the cake ourselves at the counter, waiters won’t even take orders), cramped seatings (is this Hong Kong?) and kiasu-ism of other customers (cut queue, table hogging and rob other earlier customers’ tables) are simply not worth going through for a piece of overrated cake.

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  1. Oddly, I’ve not encountered any of those bad experience when I was there a couple of times. Maybe I was there during off peak hours / day. Haha. Nevertheless, like you said, it is not a must to eat item when you’re in Malacca. For me, if I’m there or around that area, I would just pop by. Or else, I won’t be going there… on purpose.

  2. Not the must try item in Malacca.. Should try something really origin from Malacca.. This one maybe can be find elsewhere like bubble tea shop in future.. is my opinion no offence.. lol

  3. u should try Indulge Cafe at Kuchai Lama, Hokaido Arthur’s Mille Crepe or a new branch at Pavilion tokyo street.
    They are serving BEST mille crepe in town

  4. The quality of the crepe cakes at Food Foundry had deteriorated some what. And I found Nadeje’s too creamy. The Humble Beginning crepe cakes is still the best though I am no longer a fan of such cakes.

  5. That cake certainly looks delicious. Thanks for providing info on it. I am yet to try one but looking forward to when I come cross to a cake shop. Only problem is if it is available in my local area.

  6. Ha! Finally someone else who doesn’t find the milles crepe that good.

    It’s probably a love it or hate it stuff. Some of my friends swear by it, and some had even called me weird for not liking the milles crepe!

    Personally milles crepe just tastes like layers of popiah skins with cream in between, but that’s just me. I’m a Malaccan myself, and yes I’ve tried the milles crepe when the original owner is still running the show.

  7. I heard there’s a pretty nice crepe cake place in Penang too. Haven’t tried before though. But you’re right, I thought Malaysian are sometimes a bit kiasu in terms of queuing up for something.

  8. hmm…my visit there on a Sun mid morning at this very branch turned out alright, not crowded. and that was my first ever mille-crepe tasting too, didn’t turn out bad, tiramisu was actually nice. i’m sure the Humble Beginnings would have scored better but the elusive ordering system was deterring…
    anyway, Pavilion’s Tokyo St is having a new store called Hokkaido Mille Crepe, man…I can’t wait to try it out when i’m in KL again :)

  9. When a place become ‘famous’, quality drops. In FF, the price remained but cake is smaller. Also tried nadeja, comparable to FF when the later was still ‘good’.

  10. gah! anything bought sure compromises the taste as these shops use non-dairy whipping cream unlike the real cream! and of course cheap buy in bulk chocolate! only the one at pavillion tastes a bit nice. the rest of store bought mille crepe so far sucks. but if you have never tasted homemade with the best ingredients, i suppose you would not know~!

  11. You should try all the cupcakes from this shop, their cakes are freshly made by order, they are really delicious. Located at Bandar Kinrara 5 Puchong next to Giant Supermarket. Please do check this outlet.

  12. Actually, this branch’s cake not nice at all. The one in Plaza Mahkota (Melaka Raya) much better. Currently 3 branch in Melaka and I’ve tried all 3. Still the best is the one in Plaza (less pack, taste better)

    Well, what do you expect on weekend & cake shop in shopping mall?


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