Milo Chicken Chop @ Cheese Banjir, Desa Pandan KL

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There is no such thing as impossible any more especially in the F&B industry. Do you know that you can now have Milo Chicken Chop at Cheese Banjir restaurant? This is probably one of the craziest mashups in the history of Malaysian food.

If you think this is weird, you are not wrong but there had been plenty of instances where chocolate or cocoa powder was used in food preparation eg. KFC’s Chochiks and cocoa-rubbed steak.


I wouldn’t know if they taste good or not, but for the Milo Chicken Chop I can say it is good – in a weird way. Because the chicken chop itself is already spicy, it kind of evens out the sweetness of the Milo. Plus, if you dip it in their extra spicy sambal belacan, it tastes even better.


If you feel like trying, I suggest that you try the Milo Chicken Popcorn first, as it doesn’t cost as much and you can also share it with a friend. Personally, I feel the Milo Chicken Popcorn tastes better because it has more a thicker coat of the spicy flour so the Milo flavor is not as overpowering.

**Cheese Banjir’s new Milo-coated Chicken Chop and Chicken Popcorn menu will be available from 20th Dec 2018.

Chicken Chop Milo Earthquake – 27
Chicken/Beef Popcorn Milo Platter
– Regular: 19 (12 pcs)
– Large: 25 (20 pcs)
Mixed Pop Corn Milo Platter (chicken, fish & beef)
– Regular: 22 (12 pcs)
– Large: 27 (20 pcs)


【Restoran Cheese Banjir Desa Pandan】
Lot G10, G-Village,
Jalan 1/76, Desa Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Landmark: Next to Shell Out
Hours: 12pm – 10.30pm

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