Pan Mee 清香肉菇板面 Opposite Shaw Parade, Off Jalan Pudu


Our previous visit to Keong Kee Herbal Soup was great and we enjoyed the home-style dishes. But after that we had this constant nagging feeling that we should go back for the other more exotic herbal soups we missed.
So this time I was adamant that we weren’t leaving without trying at least one of them. Besides, I also had a go at the Pan Mee which came highly recommended by some of you. To cut to the chase, the Pan Mee is nice and this is actually coming from me, someone who does not even like Pan Mee!


Personally, the main reason I do not fancy Pan Mee is because of its rubbery texture that makes me feel like I am chewing on pieces of flavorless flour. So luckily for me the Pan Mee noodle here does not taste like that.
Even though the noodles is machine-rolled, it is slightly thinner than usual hence having a better elasticity and taste that suits my palate better. And of course you can choose to have your Pan Mee in a more traditional manner which is the torn/pinched style. Just let the aunty know!


As soon as the noodle arrived I was pleased to see the generous amount of ingredients given, considering most hawkers are getting stingy nowadays. The main stuff are minced meat, chopped mushrooms and fried anchovies which you could see are fresh with a crunch just by their looks.
The clear soup tastes mostly MSG-free and authentic like it was really boiled with pork bones. But what really makes this Pan Mee delicious is the appetizing mushroom fragrance that you won’t get from any other stalls. And that really makes the noodle stand out from the rest. For only RM4.30, this is a steal in KL.


Pan Mee is usually cooked to order and there is no exception here.


To spice things up, savor the noodles with their self-made chilli sauce. It will make a whole world of difference.


Now back to Keong Kee, the soup I had was the Squirrel Herbal Soup, called ‘Dai Mei Shu’ in Cantonese and literally translated to ‘Big Tail Rat’. If you are wondering, the soup tastes quite similar to the herbal chicken, just that the Chinese herbs used are less and the bitterness is clearly stronger.
This is also my first time eating squirrel and I find the meat texture to be quite gritty with a mild gamey taste. Since it is basically a small animal you can expect to find lots of bones too. Even though I won’t use the word ‘delicious’ to describe this, it didn’t taste too bad and I finished everything nonetheless.


Ginger Chicken was another new dish we tried and it was OK, albeit oily. We still adore the wild boar curry and ‘Mui Choy Kao Yuk’ the most.


While waiting for our food to arrive I spotted a little girl seemingly talking to a stray cat.. it was quite a cute scene.



Keong Kee Herbal Soup and the recommended Pan Mee stall are just opposite Shaw Parade as shown above. It is almost impossible to miss them with such a huge landmark nearby.

Minced Meat and Mushroom Pan Mee 清香肉菇板面 (Opposite Shaw Parade)
Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah,
Off Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N3 08.425 E101 42.745

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  1. I always have the pan mee last time when I was a kid with my parents and sis since my school is only nearby (behind pudu plaza).

    during those time, the dough was stacked like a layer cake and manually cut using a chopper when an order comes in.

  2. I haven’t really been to this part of the town but am gamed to try this Pan Mee. It’s rare to find a good one these days as it’s either the soup’s not tasty enough or ingredients not enough.


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