Mizi Bistro @ New World Park

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If you have been working in Penang then you would have probably seen this circulating email regarding Mizi Bistro. Contained in the email was Ling Zie‘s review of Mizi Bistro. The review was done not long after it opened at New World Park. It was forwarded so widely that I have received it myself thrice, all from different company emails!

Everyone in my office (including me of course) who read the email had the same urge – wanting to try the food in Mizi Bistro so badly because the food looked very good. Price was reasonable too. We had the set lunch @ RM16.90 per person, which includes a soup, drink and dessert.

chicken pramigiana

My choice for the main course was from the chicken/meat menu. It was Chicken Paramigiana.. what a difficult name to pronounce lol. It’s basically crumb-coated breast of chicken, topped with tomato, mozzarella cheese and oregano. The chicken breast sits on top of a serving of pasta. When it arrived I thought to myself, “oh my god, this is gonna be soooo good!” It looked so delicious I can’t wait to taste it.

Unfortunately, it looked much much better than it tasted. The chicken was crunchy alright but the wet pasta made it soggy afterward. And the pasta was pretty much tasteless too. The ingredients just didn’t went well with each other, it was really weird combination. So, I kinda forced myself to finish the whole thing, I didn’t want to waste any food.

mushroom soup

This is the soup that came with the set meal. There’s an option of Borshch or mushroom soup.

coffee and lime juice

And the drinks.. coffee had the kick I wanted.

steamed fish my dream

Siang Leng’s chose Steamed Fish “My Dream” for her main course. It’s a fillet of fish filled with sauteed spinach and prepared in a cream sauce laced with lobster butter. Wow, lobster butter. No wonder it tasted so good. I don’t usually order fish for my mains but this dish that would probably be an exception. For desserts there’s an ice cream counter.

mizi bistro

To be honest I wasn’t really blown away by the food. There are many alternatives in Penang that I’d recommend. However it was one of the more affordable restaurants for Western food in New World Park. To see other food they have to serve, head to Ling Zie’s blog. She has taken quite a number of food photos to drool over. That chicken + prawn dish looked absolutely tempting!!

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