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Momotalo Yakiniku Japanese BBQ @ Desa Sri Hartamas


There are two yakiniku restaurants in Desa Sri Hartamas: KNK (Kannichikan Yakiniku) and Momotalo Yakiniku. Personally, I find both of them equally good but KNK seems to attract more Japanese customers while Momotalo enjoys more patronage from the locals – mainly because it’s pork free.

Momotalo Japanese BBQ Yakiniku

And since Momotalo is pork free, their menu has lesser choices compared to KNK. But that does not take away the fact that their ingredients are fresh and the quality is top notch for the price you pay. Meat options start from RM20 and could go up to RM165 for Kobe beef.

Momotalo Yakiniku Mixed Seafood Combination

Seafood is expectedly pricier so get the seafood combination @ RM39 if you want a bit of everything. It includes shishamo (pregnant fish), sea prawn and squid.

Momotalo Yakiniku Supreme Ox Tongue

Ox Tongue has always been our favorite things to eat in yakiniku so it’s a must have. Momotalo offers two types of ox tongue, one normal and the other supreme @ RM28 as shown above.
If you haven’t tried ox tongue before, you should really give it a shot one day. The flavor is rich with a unique texture, it’s quite unlike any other meat.

Momotalo Yakiniku Harami Boneless

Boneless Harami Ox Short Rib @ RM28 – tender and only need to be grilled for 15 seconds on each side for a medium finish.

Momotalo Yakiniku Sliced Lamb

Sirloin @ RM28 – recommended those who prefer fattier and more marbled cut. As you can see, every meat and seafood are seasoned differently. The ox tongue is simply sprinkled with salt and pepper while the meats are served in a Japanese soy sauce.

For dipping, you are given a special dipping sauce which is a mixture of spicy miso paste, garlic and homemade soy sauce.

Momotalo Yakiniku Yakiniku Restaurant

While we are generally pleased with the food at Momotalo and won’t hesitate to eat here again, we would only return for their affordable set lunch in future.
FYI, they do not serve any set menu during dinner so the bill could get hefty if you want a full meal. Not to mention a small bowl of white rice actually costs RM6 here. I think that’s a bit ridiculous.

Momotalo Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant Hartamas

Momotalo Yakiniku

20, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
Tel: 03-2300 2080
Business hours: Mon (6pm – 10pm), Tue – Sun (12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10pm)

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